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Guide To Being A Right Nosy Bitch

FEEL like you aren’t taking an unnaturally invasive interest in the affairs of your family, friends, coworkers, neighbours or vague acquaintances but would like to in the future? Do you need help in nosing around in other people’s business, so you can share your speculations on their lives with your nearest and dearest? Do you… Read more »

Check Out These Amazing Blue Monday Offers!

IT’S finally here! January 15th, Blue Monday! Widely believed to be the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday has for years been synonymous with mental health awareness and suicide prevention… and now, savings!!! Thanks to the free exposure and reach that can be attained by piggybacking the hashtag BLUEMONDAY, brands across the world… Read more »

Local Couple Somehow Spending Evening Watching Dancing With The Stars

FOR a second consecutive week a local Waterford couple have against all odds found themselves sitting through an entire episode of Dancing With The Stars, WWN has learned. Heather Baffin and Peter Gilly, both 32, have previously expressed their outright dislike of entertainment programmes featuring dancing and celebrities, however, despite this fact and the ready… Read more »

Trump Cancels Planned Visit To White House

DONALD Trump has taken to Twitter from his full-time residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida, to announce that he has cancelled an upcoming trip to the White House, in protest at a wide range of decisions made by former President Barack Obama that Trump claims were ‘bad for the goodliness of America’. Although most presidents of the… Read more »