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Women Don’t Full Understand Mansplaining, Finds Study

RESULTS from a newly published study have revealed a staggering number of women don’t fully understand mansplaining and need explained to them again because they are wrong about it. ‘Mansplaining’ mischaracterised as a man explaining something, often unsolicited, to a woman in a condescending manner, is not fully understood by as much as 92% of… Read more »

Man’s Family Tree Full Of Cousins Who Married

A LOCAL WATERFORD man seeking to study his family tree has discovered that far too many of his ancestors who married, were in fact cousins. Conall O’Rafferty discovered that if he traced his lineage far enough back it would become clear to him that both sides of his father’s family tree were exclusively O’Raffertys, owing… Read more »

World Begs Stormy Daniels To Stay Quiet

ADULT actress and former Donald Trump sex partner Stormy Daniels has been implored to keep further details of her affair with the president to herself, following her disturbing revelations about the size and shape of Trump’s penis. Daniels is currently revealing excerpts from her upcoming tell-all book about her tryst with Trump, including the fact that his erect… Read more »