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Britain Fined £8bn By EU For Loitering

BRITAIN has been fined a staggering 8 billion pounds sterling after it was found to be loitering in the European Union, despite being told to move on by the EU 3 years ago. The European Parliament issued the fine to Number 10 late last night, giving Britain 28 days to pay and leave, or if not, goods to the… Read more »

Boris Johnson Some Craic, All The Same

BORIS Johnson’s bid for prime minister of Britain has taken a turn for the better in the last 24 hours, after a groundswell of support from people who have finally accepted just how hilarious it would be to have him run the UK, even for a while. Johnson’s popularity took a sharp uptick after a… Read more »

Does Lisa Smith Pose Enough Risk To Ireland For Government To Up Defence Forces Pay?

IT’S ONE of the most talked Irish security issues of the past decade, supplanting the very real threats of gangland gun violence and militant Republicans, but does Lisa Smith, the Dundalk women who joined ISIS pose such a severe risk to Ireland’s national security that the government are considering the unthinkable; paying the defence forces… Read more »

Local Man No Time For Immigrants Unless They’re Irish

A DISTURBING INCIDENT saw one local Waterford man discover he possesses the sort of disgusting compassion and empathy for immigrants that normally turns his stomach, however, luckily for him this only extends to Irish illegal immigrants getting turfed out of other countries. “Ah he was probably only having mighty crack on his J1 and decided to… Read more »

WWN Reviews The New Lion King

THE LAVISH, expensive and star-studded remake of The Lion King is upon us and WWN is here with its exclusive review from our movie expert Ann Trope. The Lion King is a wonder, and who can’t but be in awe of the hard work and ingenuity behind teaching these majestic animals to talk and sing?… Read more »