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Bankers Wondering How To Sneak In 100% Mortgages Without The Backlash

A MEETING of some of the country’s top banking officials today quietly discussed how to launch 100% mortgages again to the Irish public without having any negative feedback, WWN has learned. Following in the footsteps of British counterparts, Barclays bank, several of the country’s main commercial banking chiefs began brainstorming this morning on how to crowbar… Read more »

“Psst! Looking For Any Bad Mortgages?” We Investigate The Bankers Selling Bad Debt On The Street

DUBLIN’S docklands can be a cold, unforgiving place to be during the harsh Winter months, with the icy East wind blowing its Siberian breeze up the Liffey, but for many city bankers it’s home to one of the biggest underground bad debt markets in Europe, churning over billions every day. “Psst, hey you, yeah you! Do you wanna buy… Read more »