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Local Girl Is Make-Up Artist Now After Watching Online Tutorial

WATERFORD girl Hellen McKeith has graduated from full-time college student to part-time college student, full-time make artist, after realising to herself that there’s ‘feck all to it’, WWN can reveal. McKeith, 20, found that her passion for online make-up tutorials, beauty blogs and putting a face on herself easily counts as training and experience, and… Read more »

Women Call For Bigger Makeup Mirror On Car Windscreen

FEMALE humans worldwide have called on car manufacturers to increase the size of the ‘makeup mirror’ located at the centre of the windscreen, claiming that the design does not reflect the whole face and is practically useless for women. “Obviously, whatever eejit designed this was a man and had zero experience in applying makeup,” voiced motorist Donna Carey, who began an… Read more »