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Declan Rice Dumps Ireland Day Before Valentine’s Day

HEARTLESS footballer Declan Rice heartlessly broke the hearts of Ireland today with a heartlessly well-worded and perfectly reasoned if disappointing official statement in which he confirmed he would be dumping the nation the day before Valentine’s Day. Insiders with a closer understanding of Rice’s thinking have confirmed he felt Irish football fans came on way… Read more »

Knowing Which Useless Opposition Party Is Right For You

HAVE you lost all faith in the mighty Fine Gael led minority government or have you been wise to their underhanded, under-performing and over-promising ways since the very start? Either way you’re probably in the market for a new party to reluctantly vote for when it comes time for feeling completely disenfranchised again at the… Read more »

Nathan Carter Robbed At Grammys

THERE was widespread shock and dismay among the culchie community in Ireland today, after Country star Nathan Carter was sensationally snubbed at the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony last night. Carter, who was not nominated for any awards whatsoever, was seen by many in the Midlands and south of Ireland as a ‘dead cert’ for a gong… Read more »