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WWN Guide To The Perfect Racist Graffiti

WE at WWN have noticed a sharp decline in the quality of the racist graffiti that we encounter around town on a daily basis, most of it is crudely scrawled, barely legible and in many instances makes no sense whatsoever. If you really feel that strongly about living in a multicultural society and you feel… Read more »

Cow Just Going To Dry Hump Other Cow For A While

CARLOW bullock 09655 is to spend the most of today rambling around in his field, eating grass, and occasionally mounting and grinding the other cattle in the field for no apparent purpose. “Ah look, it passes the time doesn’t it?” sighed the beef stock yearling, nonchalantly dry humping a passing Charolais. “It’s not a sex… Read more »

Sound Like A World Cup Expert With These 15 Facts

ENTERED into an office World Cup sweepstakes draw? Facing the prospect of being forced to watch game after game by your partner, housemates, friends or family? Or have you oversold your football knowledge in bid to fit in? Check out WWN Sport’s 15 essential World Cup facts you can use to impress everyone with, sounding… Read more »

Boring Man Talks Passionately About Golf

AT THE risk of driving people to fall asleep while standing up, a local boring man has gone on record to speak passionately about golf, WWN understand. Cormac Nevlin (32), a notoriously boring man, spoke to coworkers about making the most of the recent good weather by playing a round of golf at his local… Read more »