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Is Daniel O’Donnell A Gateway Drug?

IT IS time for the authorities to seriously examine the possibility that country singer and all round nice guy Daniel O’Donnell is in fact a gateway drug, following the jailing of a woman tabloid and online publications have described as a ‘superfan’. Jailed for seven years for her role in the operation of a cocaine… Read more »

HSE Stripped Of Right To Call Itself A Health Service

AN INTERNATIONAL health body has stripped the HSE of its right to call itself a health service in the wake of the CervicalCheck scandal, WWN can reveal. ‘Health service’ a protected title like dietician, solicitor, barrister, or speech and language therapist, can only be used by individuals or entities that meet the required standards and… Read more »

Bespectacled Posh Fanny Looking Twat Opens Mouth Again

PROFESSIONAL posh twat Jacob Rees Mogg has opened his mouth again, WWN can confirm, with the action subsequently resulting in words and sentences, which made no sense, exiting his poxy mouth and out into the public domain. Thanks to his upper class upbringing, Mogg, known is an insufferable prat, is apparently entitled to ignore historical… Read more »