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Government Agrees To Dump Plastic Waste Across The Border

THE IRISH government are to take a ‘say nothing’ approach to allegations that they have begun to dump huge quantities of waste plastic along the northern side of the border, following the decision by China to no longer import plastic recyclable materials from European countries. China had previously imported 95% of Ireland’s waste plastic, but… Read more »

New Eir Owner Put On Hold For 40 Minutes

Despite his protestations, which included pointing out he had just paid €1 billion for a majority stake in the telecommunications company, French billionaire Xavier Niel was immediately put on hold for 40 minutes, WWN understands. Guiding himself through a number of options on an automated phone system, which encouraged him to press a number based… Read more »

Remembering Tragic Winter Solstice ’89

FOR many, the Winter Solstice is the perfect time of year to come together in pagan worship, as the first sun of the shortest day of the year cracks across the Boyne horizon and showers Newgrange with light. But for some, the wounds of December 21st, 1989 still run too deep. It started like any other Winter… Read more »