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If That’s You With The Drone, Fuck Off

THE Dublin Airport Authority have issued a stern warning to the drone operator who caused severe delays for air travellers in the capital yesterday, stating in no uncertain terms that they will, quote, feed that fucking drone up his hole if he does it again, end quote. Dublin Airport went into shutdown yesterday for an… Read more »

Christy Moore Opens Eyes For First Time In 30 Years Following Surgery

LEGENDARY singer-songwriter Christy Moore caught a glimpse of the world around him for the first time in over 30 years, following a revolutionary surgical procedure that pried his tightly-shut eyelids open. Christy Moore, born Christy Moore, has suffered from a rare optical condition called squintivitis since hitting the big time with Planxty back in the… Read more »

Hutch Murder Trial Collapses Because Ireland

THE REGENCY Hotel shooting trial which inflamed the gangland violence of recent years has collapsed, prompting members of the public to observe that this is a very Irish thing to have happened. Those pouring over the details of the trial and legal expert opinion have been told they would be much better off simply concluding… Read more »

JobPath To Be Rebranded JobCulDeSac

IN A desperate bid to save the JobPath service, Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty has put forward a proposal to change Turas Nua’s branding for the scheme to something a bit more reflective of what it can offer job seekers. With only 11,334 people out of 206,000 who have taken part in JobPath sustaining employment for over 12… Read more »