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America At It Again

YET MORE evidence emerging from the United States of America suggests they are ‘at it again’, WWN can confirm. A deluge of separate news items emanating from nation over the course of the last few days have coagulated together, forming a very substantive reminder of the fact you can’t even take your eyes off America… Read more »

Do You Think You’re Homeless? Sorry, The Government Doesn’t Agree

THE GOVERNMENT has come out in force today to explain to many homeless people that they are not actually homeless at all, at least according to official Department of Housing figures. “There’s various ‘shades’ of homelessness, and some we frankly just don’t count as homeless so we’ve recategorised them,” explained the spokesperson. “Look all the… Read more »

Local Man Knows How He Gets After A Few Pints

WATERFORD man Ian O’Cahill doesn’t need his wife Helen to remind him about ‘how he gets after a few pints’ every single time he leaves to go to the pub, because he knows how he gets after a few pints; he gets awesome. “I’ve been drinking for 20 straight years” said O’Cahill, 32. “I know… Read more »

Eoghan Murphy Demands More Souls

WWN can exclusively reveal that Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy is desperate to cling onto his position not because he has a clear plan on tackling the housing crisis that he is passionate about and badly needs to see through to fruition, but because the suffering endured by those in need of social and affordable… Read more »