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Where Are They Now: Cadbury’s Eyebrow Kids

THE 2009 “Eyebrows” ad for Cadbury’s chocolate remains one of the more popular advertisements in recent years, with most people easily recalling the delightful young duo who started the ‘eyebrow dancing’ craze of the internet’s viral youth. Although people are most familiar with the released version of the ad featuring James Stephenson and Rebecca Davidson,… Read more »

British Army Torture Not Torturey Enough To Be Considered Torture, Court Rules

THE EUROPEAN COURT of Human Rights (ECHR) has rejected the assertion that the 14 men, known otherwise as the ‘Hooded Men’ were subjected to a series of torture methods by the British Army in Northern Ireland, stating that the apparent torture ‘wasn’t torturey enough’. Being placed in stress positions, subjected to white noise, sleep deprivation… Read more »

Revealed: St. Patrick’s Raging Alcoholism

“MEAD. That was the tough one. It’s hard to stand on the side of a hill and convert a thousand Celts the morning after you’ve had a fucking skinful of Mead,” said St. Patrick, mournfully taking a drag on an Amber Leaf rollie as he stared out across the tundras of heaven. Patrick, who recently… Read more »