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Very Modern Ireland Loudly Tutting At Northern Ireland’s Abortion Laws

THE UK SUPREME Court’s rejection of an appeal from human rights campaigners over Northern Ireland’s abortion laws has given the Yes voting people of Ireland just the 4,567th opportunity to tut dismissively in the direction of Northern Ireland, decrying how it’s a shame it can’t be as astoundingly progressive as the Republic. Very modern, progressive,… Read more »

Guide To Being A Serial Planning Objector

WHETHER it’s a neighbour who really wants to turn his bungalow into a dormer to create extra space for his growing family, or a much-needed revamp of a dilapidated part of town that will bring new economic growth to the area, there’s nothing like somebody applying for planning permission to really bring out your inner… Read more »

Lotto Winner Discovers 47 Cousins He Never Knew He Had

A RECENT Irish winner of a bumper Euromillions jackpot has discovered a double-decker bus full of cousins he was hitherto completely unaware of, WWN can reveal. Michael Drennan’s extended network of cousins, first cousins, second cousins, step cousins and half cousin twice removed made themselves known to the 37-year-old Tramore native in the hours after… Read more »

Ireland Left With Only 657,456 Things To Apologise For

AS President Michael D. Higgins offered words of condolence and apology to an assembled group of Magdalene Laundry survivors in an emotional ceremony in Áras an Uachtarián yesterday, the country went to the book marked ‘Big List Of Things We Have To Apologise For’ to see what was next on the list. Higgins reiterated an… Read more »

Local Couple Haven’t Had A Night Out In Ages

SEEKING to correct a trend which has continued unabated for ‘God’s knows how long’, one Waterford couple have declared that they haven’t had a night out in ages, shocking the close knit Waterford county community. Sighting current responsibilities, including working, heading to the gym and raising their child, Tramore couple Michael Harney and Tina Longan… Read more »