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Tinder Purchases Coppers Nightclub In Landmark Deal

THE DATING app Tinder has acted quickly following the news the owners of Coppers nightclub on Dublin’s Harcourt Street have put their landmark shifting venue and hotel up for sale. Echoing tech giant Facebook’s approach to rivals which saw them purchase WhatsApp and Instagram for vast sums of money, Tinder has spent big on securing… Read more »

Local Kids Won’t Shut Up About The Environment

ONE LOCAL Waterford father has put on record his annoyance at his children’s insistence that they be allowed partake in worldwide Climate Change protests, WWN can reveal. “Little pushy shits never shut up about the fucking environment,” confirmed John Legerty, who hasn’t been allowed put anything in a bin for years now without being asked… Read more »

“14 Dead Bodies Insufficient Evidence,” Confirm British Government

AFTER learning that Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service will prosecute just one of 16 British soldiers for their involvement in ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Derry in 1972, the British government has concurred with the PPS that the bodies of 14 civilians amounted to nothing more than insufficient evidence. ‘Soldier F’ will now face trial in connection… Read more »

Britain Shits In Hands & Claps

SOURCES close to the formerly Great Britain have intimated this may be the 17th time this week that the unhinged state has shat in its hands before willfully clapping as if in celebration only to spread excrement everywhere in the process. Those with knowledge on the repeated shitting in own hands and then applauding enthusiastically… Read more »

New IRA Ordering Bombs From Wish.Com

THE FLEDGLING terrorist organisation known as IRA 2019 has claimed responsibility for a number of suspect devices posted to addresses throughout the UK last week, and have promised more to follow once their Wish.com order arrives. Improvised explosive devices were sent to London and Glasgow in packaging that bore postage stamps and markings from Ireland,… Read more »

We Retrace McGregor’s Steps Before His Miami Arrest

AN incident in Miami saw part-time UFC fighter Conor McGregor allegedly smash and steal a fan’s phone at 5am, and in the ensuing hours a fuller picture is emerging which seems to explain why this happened. WWN Sport wished its resources were being used to talk about a positive event in the Dublin man’s life… Read more »

Dundalk Woman Thought She Was Joining ASOS

AS the country struggles to process what could have been going on in the mind of captured ISIS bride Lisa Smith, some commentators have surmised that the Dundalk woman must have mistakenly joined the hated terror group ISIS while under the impression that she was joining the popular online fashion retailer ASOS. Former Air Corp… Read more »