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Dublin In Mourning As No Fires Break Out At The Spire

CROWDS of inconsolable Dubliners lined the length and breadth of O’Connell Street, every one of them lost in grief as they caught sight of a perfectly intact Spire monument. A true emblem of Dublin, which conjures next to no feelings of love in the heart’s of the city’s residents, stood defiant and tall. Utterly bereft,… Read more »

Entire Bank Branch Stolen Overnight

GARDAÍ IN County Tipperary are appealing for any eyewitnesses to come forward after an entire branch of the Bank of Ireland was stolen by raiders overnight. Staff at the BOI branch in the town of Murt were left devastated this morning to find the 2,400 sq. meter building gone when they arrived to work at 9am, with nothing only the bank’s foundations… Read more »

Ireland To Be Left In Bowl Of Rice Overnight

IN an unprecedented meteorological experiment, the island of Ireland is to be submerged in a bowl filled with billions of tonnes of uncooked rice for 12 to 18 hours to see if it can be dried up a bit, WWN can exclusively confirm. The move comes as the country is buffeted by yet another series… Read more »

New IRA Launch Counterfeit Movie Streaming Service

HOT on the heels of Disney’s announcements surrounding their content plan for their Disney+ streaming service, the paramilitary organisation known as the New IRA have revealed that they will be offering bootlegged movies, music and videogames via their own subscription-based service known as ‘RAflix’. With this current iteration of the IRA missing the lucrative early… Read more »