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Fucking Banklink Only Gives Fifties

WATERFORD residents down to the last 30 euro in their accounts before payday have been warned that the banklink on Meagher’s Quay only has 50 euro notes, and is liable to catch you out when you badly need to withdraw a twenty. Locals were first made aware of the ‘withdrawals in multiples of 50 euro only’… Read more »

“I Always Dreamed Of More For My Clothing Line”- Emotional Ben Sherman Speaks Out

ONCE-legendary fashion designer Benjamin Sherman has broken his silence about what he considers to be ‘the tragic failure of his entire career’ in an emotional exclusive interview with WWN, in which he speaks sadly about seeing the clothes he worked so hard on ending up on culchie revellers all around Ireland, covered in garlic cheese… Read more »

6 Things You Can Do While Stuck On The M50

STUCK in a 4 mile tailback on the M50 after someone accidentally turned on their indicator sparking a butterfly effect on the several hundred cars in the driver’s wake? Although it is usually a cause for concern, WWN is here to suggest another, alternative outlook on the following 3 hours you are sure to spend… Read more »

We Take A Trip On ‘Air Force A Haon’

WHEN Michael D. Higgins travels, he travels in style. Flanked by two of the Irish Air Force’s most elite Spitfire pilots, Air Force A Haon carries our country’s premier to crucial engagements all around the world, and WWN have become the first newspaper to have an exclusive trip on the luxury aircraft. Joining Michael D…. Read more »