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Kid Has About 2 Weeks Of Adorability Left

LOCAL toddler Barry Hennerhan is said to be fast approaching the threshold of adorability, where his youthful cheekiness and high-jinks will give way to straight-up bad manners and irritation. Hennerhan, 3 and a bit, has recently seen his vocabulary and mannerisms explode into vibrancy, coming out with such wonderfully hilarious and adorable phrases such as… Read more »

Sally Critical After Losing Control Of Mustang

A WOMAN is in a critical condition after failing to heed warnings to slow down while driving, resulting in a multi-car collision in the early hours of this morning. Known locally only as Sally, the driver of the 1965 Mustang veered all over town after losing control of her vehicle, slamming into a number of parked… Read more »

Homeless Lad Delighted To Get A Bit Of Sun

THE long-awaited arrival of the Irish summer has been welcomed across the country, not least by the nation’s rough-sleepers who finally have a dry footpath to sleep on after months of heavy rain. With temperatures set to soar into the high teens for the first time this year, local homeless man Declan told WWN that he… Read more »