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Show Off Reading Book On Park Bench

IN WHAT IS being described as a flagrant and brazen attempt to show off, one Dublin based man has been spotted in full view of the public looking all intellectual while reading a book on a park bench, much to the disgust of passersby. His fingers loudly caressing the edge of a page before nonchalantly… Read more »

Five-In-A-Row For Ah Who Fucking Cares

THERE were jubilant scenes at Croke Park on Saturday evening following Dublin’s thrilling All-Ireland victory against ah who are we kidding, nobody gave a fuck then and nobody gives a fuck now. Claiming an historic fifth consecutive All-Ireland victory, the Dubs… actually, no, now that we read that first paragraph again, there weren’t any ‘jubilant… Read more »

Nail-biting Finish To Nail-biting Final

IT was all-out cuticle-cutting war at the Nail-biting World Cup this week, with the final leaving many spectators cursing themselves for having bitten all their nails away already, leaving them with nothing to do but sit back in awe at the sheer nail-biting nail-biting going on before their eyes. Here’s how it all went down:… Read more »

Local Man Obsessed With Fact That Refugee Has iPhone

OUGHTERARD man Gearoid Conleth has strengthened his stance against housing asylum seekers in a local disused hotel, due to the fact that some of the ‘so-called refugees’ have ‘mobile phones and everything’. Conleth, who is certainly not in any way racist, claims that opening a Direct Provision Centre in the former Connemara Gateway Hotel would only lead to… Read more »

5 Ways Kerry Can Stop Dublin

THE ALL-IRELAND final replay is almost upon us and after pushing a 14-man Dublin right to the final whistle, Kerry will be understandably disappointed they didn’t take their chance. Can a refocused Dublin who have well and truly been delivered a wake up call be beaten in the replay? WWN Sport looks at the 5… Read more »

Vaccinations: Now We’ve Got Your Attention, Is Anyone Watching Succession?

THE continuing debate over whether or not you should vaccinate your kids is a sure-fire way to attract interest on social media, to the extent that Minister For Health Simon Harris has stated that social media companies should ban accounts that spread anti-vaccination propaganda… but forget all that, has anyone been watching HBO’s hit show… Read more »