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Pixelated Drug Gang Wreak Havoc On Dublin Streets

Reports have likened the scenes to that of cat-killing TV show Love/Hate as Dublin is terrorised by a new breed of criminal. As first revealed by the Sunday World last week pixelated drug gangs are running rampant throughout Dublin, leaving many residents fearing for their lives while simultaneously confused by the look of these criminals…. Read more »

The 7 Best Days Of The Week

WWN brings you all the latest in essential lists of things with this the definitive guide to the 7 best days of the week. As part of our HerDailyEnterJoement series, we invite you, our reader to have a gander below to see what we make of Ireland’s favourite and most treasured days of the week…. Read more »

Iceland Will Melt If Volcano Erupts, Warn Scientists

THE entire island of Iceland will melt if Bardarbunga volcano erupts, scientists have warned today in a dramatic last attempt to evacuate the region. “You are all going to drown!” informed lead seismologist Dr. Ken Hackman at an emergency televised press conference this morning. “Lava and ice just doesn’t go together. Are you people crazy?… Read more »

WWN’S Guide To Abortion In Ireland

WWN is proud to present a comprehensive guide to the complex and much-muddied issue of abortion in ‘modern’ Ireland. It’s important Ireland’s women as legally registered third class citizens know their lack of human rights. 1. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 euro. Go to jail. 2. Remember, if you have roughly €1,500… Read more »

Thousands Attend Martin Cahill Festival In Dublin

THE North inner city was the location yesterday for thousands of revelers commemorating the 20th anniversary of the assassination of popular Dublin criminal Martin ‘The General’ Cahill. The Martin Cahill festival, which was launched in 2004 by a gang of youths, has gone from strength to strength over the years, attracting some of the country’s… Read more »