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Bull Calls Out ‘Karate Kid’ To Rematch

THE BULL at the centre of an ongoing family feud in Cork has called on his past opponent to a rematch, following a 30 minute thrashing from school boy John O’Donoghue some time ago. The young karate champion, who successfully fought the bull off from his father, received a bravery award today for his efforts,… Read more »

Pistorius Vomit Goes For Auction On E-bay

THE REGURGITATED contents of Oscar Pistorius’ stomach has been put on-line for auction on E-bay, it has emerged today. The vomit, which comes in its original green court bucket, has gone for an opening bid of $10,000, but is expected to fetch more than ten times that over the next few days. It is believed… Read more »

Horse Has No Idea It Won Race At Cheltenham

Sire De Grugy silenced critics, he did not know he had. The horse was oblivious to the scores of humans cheering and praising him following his running and jumping session with unfamiliar horses. The 11/4 favourite in the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham ran in first after taking the lead prior to jumping the… Read more »

Stupid Fucking Idiots Easily Offended

THE MOST moronic among us are susceptible to taking offence to almost anything, it has emerged. A study conducted by the Institute of Studies has concluded that even the slightest mention of some opinion or thought contrary to one that a brainless idiot holds results in that fucking idiot taking offence. “It’s really quite simple,”… Read more »