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JobBridge Intern Has A Little Cry To Himself In The Toilets

Kevin Murray, WWN’s resident JobBridge intern, broke down in tears shortly after he realised he had another 11 months to go on his incredibly rewarding internment at Ireland’s leading news publication. So overjoyed was the Masters degree holder that he spontaneously burst into tears of joy as he hid in the staff toilets. The media… Read more »

1916 Rising Was Inside Job, Claims Jim Corr

Oriel Park season ticket holder and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Jim Corr has claimed the Easter Rising of 1916 was a false flag operation cooked up by the British Government. “The story of the Easter Rising is riddled with inconsistencies and half-truths” corr’d Jim as he strummed the opening bars to Runaway on a sweet Stratocaster…. Read more »

Kiev Protesters Demand Justin Bieber Charges Be Dropped

The recent demonstrations in Ukraine have taken a strange turn today with leaders of the protests demanding that charges against pop star Justin Bieber be dropped. The Euromaiden protests have, up until this point, been carried out as a response to the current President’s reluctance to integrate the country further with Europe and the perceived… Read more »