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Reeling In The Years: The Real Story Of Nelly The Elephant 1924

Contrary to popular belief, Nellie the elephant did not voluntarily ‘say goodbye to the circus’. Nellie’s incontinence and frequent violent outbursts became increasingly difficult for the ageing circus staff to handle. After a brief visit to Waterford city, Duffy’s ringmaster Charles Duffy, Jr decided to take off in the early morning and leave the 42… Read more »

World Leaders Renew International Lie-To-People Pact

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gets underway on Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, with many of the world’s richest people gathering in the same room as leading politicians. While the WEF’s itinerary is shrouded in secrecy, many believe a number of world leaders are there to renew their long-standing agreement known otherwise as the lie-to-people… Read more »

JobBridge Intern Ripped A New One For Getting The Lunch Orders Wrong

Kevin ‘Trev’ Murray’s nascent media career hangs in the balance today as he failed to take down the lunch orders correctly. The media studies graduate speedily returned to the office after fetching lunch for several of his colleagues, but was shouted at by veteran journalist Terry Bull for getting his order wrong. Kevin foolishly bought… Read more »

JobBridge Intern Writes First Piece For WWN

WWN’s JobBridge intern Kevin ‘Trev’ Murray spent close to 45 minutes carefully collating information for his first piece of writing for the publication which we have reproduced below in full. Kevin, who is dutifully working close to 90 hours a week, is slowly adjusting to the frantic pace of a 21st news media empire. Following… Read more »

New Diet Craze Will Only Kill 30% Of Participants

A new dieting craze which has been sweeping the Nation since the 1st of January has come under fresh scrutiny following a number of revelations. Thousands of people up and down the country have been partaking in the new ‘uber diet’ Gutt Ü after leading magazines claimed a number of celebrities had adopted it in… Read more »

Church Hires JK Rowling To Rewrite The Bible

The latest PR coup for Pope Francis has seen him hire famous and revered children’s author JK Rowling to rewrite the Bible. It is hoped the author, most famous for her Harry Potter series, can make it more accessible and believable for a new generation of Catholics and Christians. While the specifics of the rewrite… Read more »