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Alcohol Related Story To Be Popular On WWN This Weekend

WITH the advancing June Bank Holiday Weekend, Waterford Whispers News readers, are eagerly anticipating how the satirical news site will make them reflect upon the problems associated with Ireland’s drinking culture, right before they crack open their third can of the day. A poll of readers carried out on Google+ found that articles relating to… Read more »

The Perfect US Gunman Just Years Away, Claims Media

WITH tragic shootings unfolding across America with ever increasing regularity, the Media has reassured the public that the perfect US gunman is only a matter of years away. “We were so, so very close with this latest one,” shared grinning Sky News editor Mags Cubbs, “he nearly had it all. He was misogynistic, tick, he… Read more »

One Direction Claim Older Boys Made Them Do It

A SPOKESPERSON for boy band One Direction has told WWN that the members were coerced into smoking cannabis, taking a video of them smoking, and boasting about it by a group of unknown older boys. “The members of One Direction normally would never consider taking part in that activity. However,even in their early 20s, the… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Kate Middleton’s Ass Exposed

WATERFORD Whispers News exclusively brings you Kate Middleton’s ass in all his glory. We have been given exclusive rights by the Middleton estate to show you the first ever images of the Duchess of Cambridge’s donkey, Dingo, who has been in the family for almost 19 years. The dingo was generously rescued by Kate’s father… Read more »

‘Get Killer Abs In 30 Days’ Workout Abandoned After 4 Minutes

DUBLIN man Niall Kearns had thrown himself with great enthusiasm into a rigorous exercise regime for as many as 4 minutes before quitting spectacularly, WWN has learned. While there were no eyewitness accounts to the 4 minutes of exercising, Niall reassured friends it had been ‘full on’ and ‘intense’, spending as much as an hour… Read more »

Being In Labour Now Feels Like Actually Being in Labour

SEVERAL Labour Party TDs have been rushed to hospital this morning after reportedly experiencing painful pregnancy-like symptoms. This news follows a tough weekend for the Labour Party as it saw a total collapse in supporting both local and European elections.Party spokesperson Liam O’ Mahony told WWN that leader Eamon Gilmore had begun feeling persistent lower… Read more »