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Royal Family Relocating To Ireland Over Brexit

THE BREXIT exodus has officially begun with news coming in that the British Royal Family are now planning to move to Ireland in the hopes of securing a better and more stable future for the monarchy. In a statement issued today by Buckingham Palace, the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip are expected to move… Read more »

AMAZING! This Letter Was Addressed To ‘Man In Waterford Who Looks Like A Bit Of A Rapist’ And Got To Its Destination!!

IN yet another example of how awesome the Irish postal service is (and indeed Ireland), another letter with one of the most cryptic of addresses has reached its intended destination. A county Waterford man received the letter from his friends, which was addressed to ‘man in Waterford who looks like a bit of a rapist’…. Read more »

Bon Jovi Now 9/10ths Of The Way There

AGEING rock band Bon Jovi have updated their classic hit ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ to better reflect their advancing years, estimating that they are now at least nine tenths of the way to retirement/death. Released over thirty years ago, Livin’ On A Prayer catapulted the band to superstardom launching a career which provided the soundtrack… Read more »

5 Ways Trump Can Boost His Approval Rating

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s numbers took a tumble in the latest Rasmussen Poll- dubbed ‘the most accurate poll’ by the president himself- following six months of chaotic leadership and emerging scandals. So what now for Trump, currently sitting at a record-low approval rating of just 39 percent? Here’s 5 ways the beleaguered boss can win back… Read more »

“Does Anyone Have A Contact In The Daily Mail?”

FOLLOWING backlash from a recent opinion article in the Sunday Times relating to the gender pay gap in the BBC entitled “Sorry, ladies – equal pay has to be earned”, controversial journalist and author Kevin Myers talks to a reluctant WWN about being sacked from the newspaper and what lies ahead for the self-described holocaust… Read more »

Toddler Banging On Pots And Pans Appointed As New White House Communications Director

“Hey! Look at me. I making music,” exclaimed newly appointed White House Communications director, 4-year-old Tabatha Charles, as she banged on several pots and pans with a pair of drumsticks in her first press conference this morning in Washington DC. The toddler, the daughter of billionaire property developer and Trump friend Jonathan Charles, was carefully… Read more »