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Lazar Matveyev Named New FBI Chief

FORMER KGB boss Lazar Matveyev has been named as the FBI’s new chief today following the dramatic firing of director James Comey by President Donald Trump yesterday afternoon. Matveyev, who just turned 90 years old this week, is expected to take over from Comey immediately, landing in Washington DC airport this morning ahead of his… Read more »

JP Morgan Expected To Pay Fuck All Tax In Ireland Too

US BANKING giant JPMorgan has confirmed it will move hundreds of staff from London to Dublin as a result of Brexit, and is expected to pay fuck all tax in Ireland too. The lender is negotiating the potential purchase of a building in Dublin’s Capital Dock, shrugging off the city’s escalating property prices. “When you’re… Read more »

Are Colin Farrell’s Eyebrows Getting Bigger Or Is The World Getting Smaller? WWN Investigates

WWN’S INVESTIGATIVE UNIT takes on the troubling issue of the seemingly unstoppable march of Colin Farrell’s eyebrows and the implications it may have for the wider world. When tackling the issues of whether or not the eyebrows of one of Ireland’s most beloved and talented actors are growing larger and larger over time, there is… Read more »