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Gay Byrne To Receive Counselling After Interview With Stephen Fry

RTÉ have confirmed this morning that popular TV host Gay Byrne is to receive counselling following the airing of an episode of The Meaning of Life. The show’s most recent episode saw guest Stephen Fry undermine the premise of several questions posed by Byrne, answering them with characteristic charm, wit and eloquence. While the interview… Read more »

WWN TV Guide

Smash Gameshow, 30 mins. Members of the public are forced to watch Kian Egan on The Voice with prizes being awarded to the contestant who holds out the longest before smashing the TV in anger or by finally going insane. Sunday, RTÉ 1 8:30pm. Poor Gay Byrne Documentary, 60 mins. Secret filming in RTÉ reveals… Read more »

7 Ways To Break Up With Your Dog

We’ve all been there, you had a good run but you can’t shake the fact that your dog just isn’t giving you that warm fuzzy feeling anymore and your caught in a loveless dog/owner situation, what to do? Kick that mutt to the curb with our handy ‘how to’ guide. 1) ‘It’s not you it’s… Read more »

CIA Torture Files Show Detainees Were Forced To Go Shopping On Christmas Eve

A DAMNING US Senate Intelligence Committee report released last week has pinpointed several instances in which detainees at CIA ‘black sites’ around the world were forced to endure indescribable acts of torture, including being forced into shopping on Christmas Eve. Under the Bush administration, terror suspects from around the world were detained in prison camps… Read more »