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Irish Water Apply For IMF Bailout

AS news circulated of the debt now held by State body Irish Water topping €850 million even more shocking information was emanating from the water provider this morning. Leaked documents show that Irish Water, reeling from only 46% of their customers paying bills, has formally applied for an IMF bailout. Managing Director of Irish Water,… Read more »

Caitlyn Jenner Puts Balls Up On eBay

HOPING to raise much needed funds for several worthy LGBT charities across America, Caitlyn Jenner has organised a huge sale of her old sporting equipment on eBay. The items for sale include several items of clothing worn by Ms. Jenner in 1976, where she won an Olympic gold decathlon medal, some years before her transition…. Read more »

Bertie Tells Banking Inquiry They Can’t Handle The Truth

THERE have been heated scenes at the Oireachtas Bank Crisis Inquiry as former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern took to the stand in bullish fashion, stating that “you people have no fucking idea what it takes to govern a country”. This is the 97th inquiry/ tribunal to call the ex-Fianna Fail leader to task over his policies… Read more »

NAMA Joins Long List Of Complete And Utter Fuck Ups

AS police investigations relating to NAMA deals have opened up in both Northern Ireland and here in the Republic of Ireland, many historians have taken note to add the ‘bad bank’ to Ireland’s long list of complete and utter fuck ups. Although NAMA had been subject to much criticism since its inception many have taken… Read more »

EU Confirm Greek People Held ‘Celebration Riots’ Last Night

EU leaders have confirmed that the Greek people rioting outside the Greek parliament last night were engaged in ‘celebration riots’, which were staged as a show of approval for the swathes of EU measures forced upon their country. “I wouldn’t call it overjoyed, but there were some rather happy clashes with the police, which I… Read more »