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Ryanair To Offer Flights To Mars For €50 Return

RYANAIR will sell €50 flights to the planet Mars when it finally manages to get the long-haul spacecraft needed as part of an ambitious five-year growth strategy, airline chief Michael O’Leary confirmed this afternoon. The Irish owned airline has a business plan ready for launching interplanetary flights, but admits it will be three years before… Read more »

Lynx Release New ‘Silage’ Body Spray For Single Farmers

LEADING deodorant maker Lynx has announced their very first foray into the original Irish fragrance market with a new scent entitled ‘Silage’ aimed at the prominent single farmers market. Lynx has been a mainstay of Irish men’s armpits for years, despite controversies surrounding some of their best loved fragrances. Famously Irish men boycotted the popular… Read more »

Rugby Great Now

ALMOST the entire nation of Ireland has confirmed that rugby is in fact ‘great now’ following the triumphs of both the Irish men’s and women’s rugby teams in their respective 6 Nations tournaments. Rugby was also ‘great’ this time last year after a triumphant 6 Nations campaign by the men’s team, with rugby then shortly… Read more »