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“Here’s Some Dolled Up Shit We Were Meant To Do Anyway”

THE Government have dolled up a series of plans that they were meant to implement anyway in a public relations style package designed to save face from a series of ongoing crisis plaguing the country. The long-term planning and investment framework launched by the Government sets out a 23-year vision for certain parts the country which coincidentally contain currently elected TDs, while ignoring… Read more »

Local Mother Looking Great These Days

ONE LOCAL WATERFORD mother is receiving rave reviews from her children who are insisting she must have done something to her hair because she is looking great these days, WWN can confirm. Patricia Dreenan, a 59-year-old mother of three, has had praise heaped upon her in both private and public settings by her children who… Read more »

Guns To Phase Out Americans By 2050

A DISTURBING REPORT issued by the International Centre For Research (ICFR) has estimated that guns are on course to phase out Americans by 2050, WWN has learned. With the number of people suffering horrific and violent gun deaths in America exceeding 33,000 per year, it is believed when this harrowing statistic is combined with an… Read more »

Fucking Wagon

A CROSS COMMUNITY poll conducted in Northern Ireland in the wake of the collapsed Stormont talks has returned a 100% vote of ‘fucking wagon’ placed beneath a picture of DUP leader Arlene Foster, despite a polling company not providing such a possible answer, WWN can reveal. With stumbling blocks in tense talks including an Irish… Read more »