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5 Things Your Relationship May Have In Common With This Car Hurtling Off The Side Of A Cliff

THE title says ‘may have’, so while WWN VIRAL realises this image is perhaps not a suitable visual presentation for your relationship, those that are on course for a cataclysmic disaster which will certainly obliterate them into a thousand tiny pieces before spontaneously bursting into flames will find that it does the job. 1) You… Read more »

“I Will Rid The West Of This Dangerous, Tyrannical Leader” Heroic Kim Jong Un Determined To Help US People

DOWNTRODDEN, desperate and in need of serious intervention, the people of the United States of America continue to decry the rule of President Donald Trump while his administration and Republican party, through its effective propaganda machine, spread a message of a stable and prosperous country. However, a change for the better could be just around… Read more »

School Bans Fun Thing

SCHOOLS across the country have come out in force against whatever fun new craze that kids are all about these days, stating that they will not stand for anything that does not conform with their strict rules on sitting quietly and absorbing information. The newest fun thing sweeping the Nation has been blamed for everything… Read more »

Everything Back To Normal

THE NATION was able to breathe a collective sigh of relief as they were presented with overwhelming evidence that everything is back to normal in the form of endless torrents of rain, WWN can confirm. Now waist deep in flash floods while being stabbed in the eye by passerby’s umbrellas, the public confirmed to WWN… Read more »