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Gardaí Join Yellow Jacket Movement By Mistake

YESTERDAY’S ‘Yellow Jacket’ protest in Dublin has been heralded as the world’s largest demonstration of its kind, after a series of communications lapses on the part of An Garda Síochána saw the entire police service of the country accidentally join the march. Inspired by the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ demonstrations in France, a group calling themselves Yellow… Read more »

Turlough O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd Moriarty Shanahan Named In Ireland’s 6 Nations Squad

THE BIG TAKEAWAY from Joe Schmidt’s 6 Nations squad announcement is that there’s a place for Leinster’s uncapped prop Turlough O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd Moriarty Shanahan Jr, or Turlough O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd for short. A name not on many people’s radar 12 months ago, O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd Moriarty Shanahan’s progress through the ranks was delayed somewhat… Read more »

Russia Stealing Magnetic North, Report Claims

A DAMNING new report published by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has claimed that Russia has been slowly stealing magnetic North for that past 20 years, WWN can confirm. The 467 page report stated that Vladimir Putin secretly conspired with dozens of Russian billionaires to shift Earth’s north magnetic pole back as early as 1999, when it is… Read more »

5 Pictures Of Snowflakes That Will Anger Piers Morgan

ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN host Piers Morgan regularly hits the headlines with his distaste for reactionary, outrage-addicted millenial snowflakes. And this week is no different as Piers took to Twitter to really sock it too the snowflakes that are ruining everyday life for people not beholden to a world gone PC mad. “Typical. Just typical!”… Read more »