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5 Alternative Uses For Cheese Strings

THAT MIGHTY piece of cheesed snack has more uses than you think. WWN reveals five alternatives uses for the Cheesestring. Relay baton Staging a school sports day or competing in an Olympic final? No matter the occasion, no matter the stage, the Cheesestring is a durable multi-purpose item that can slot in effortlessly into your… Read more »

Jennifer Lopez FLAUNTS Her Body In These Photos Taken Via Long Lens Camera 2km Away By Paparazzi

THE OUTRAGEOUS Jenny From The Block singer stunned onlookers with her enviable curves, as they stared down a photographic lens from over 2 kilometres away, with J Lo soaking in the sun on private property we are strictly speaking, not allowed take pictures of. Unashamedly flaunting her buxom breasts and pert posterior to the privacy… Read more »

Trump & Putin Recouple On Love Island

A STUNNING twist in popular dating reality TV show Love Island has seen two contestants choosing to recouple with one another, shocking millions of viewers who watched on in the grips of a befuddling horror as the process took place live on TV. The recoupling process sees contestants choose who they most see a lasting… Read more »

Black & Tans Finally Come Out To Fight

THE remaining members of the notorious 1919 Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve have finally stepped up to the challenge of unarmed combat after decades of being goaded in song to ‘come out and fight like men’. The RICSR, better known as the ‘Black And Tans’, wreaked havoc when they were brought to Ireland to help… Read more »

Coworker Putting Tuna Sandwich In Microwave Reported To HR

THE HR department of Henning & Thurrows LTD has received a record number of complaints about one employee following his decision to reheat a tuna sandwich in the staff kitchen microwave, WWN can confirm. Whistling while making his way into the kitchen, Mark Kingston (28), unwrapped his homemade tuna, mayo, sweetcorn and other horrible foodstuffs… Read more »