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Local Woman Has The. Best. Friends. Ever.

ONE Waterford woman has made the claim that she has ‘The. Best. Friends. Ever.’ in a recent social media post celebrating the friendship she shares with five women she routinely bitches about to her boyfriend, WWN can reveal. CatrĂ­ona Levanne (30) made the declaration after an afternoon of fun filled frollicks with a group of… Read more »

Dublin Man ‘Just A Friend’ For 134th Time

THERE were touching yet somewhat depressing scenes in Dublin last night as friends gathered to acknowledge perennial ‘just a friend’ Darragh Sweeney on the occasion of his 25th birthday. “Ah, I love him to bits,” shared beautiful model and strictly friends with Darragh, Ciara Coveney. “Me and Darragh? God, no! I mean he asked me… Read more »