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Delaney Lodged In FAI Like Dogshit On Football Boots

AN internal report conducted by the FAI has found that former CEO John Delaney seems to be permanently lodged like dogshit on football boots with no solution being recommended as to how remove it/him. “He’s wedged right in there and seems to have dried up to produce an almost concrete texture, making it almost impossible to scrape… Read more »

BREAKING: John Delaney Still FAI President

NEWS has broken in the last few moments confirming that FAI president John Delaney is still president of the FAI, despite being John Delaney, WWN can confirm. Mr. Delaney, who makes €360,000 annually on top of an additional €300 allowance per day for some unknown reason, is expected to continue both his current roles as John Delaney and FAI president for… Read more »