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Dublin Feuds: A Guide

THE key figures in the seemingly never-ending string of Dublin feuds may be ‘known to Gardaí’, but that doesn’t mean they’re known to you! With so many feuds going on at any given time, you’d be forgiven for not being up to speed on who’s shootin’ who. Here’s a quick recap to the main players:… Read more »

Relief In Dublin As Ball Finally Stalled

RESIDENTS in Dublin City and county can today breath a sigh of relief after news emerged that the ball has finally been stalled following decades of unnecessary movement and spinning. Dubliners familiar with the ball welcomed its sudden stoppage and now look forward to a new life without having to reference a spherical object when attempting to pause conversations midway…. Read more »

Double Decker Luas Gets Go Ahead

IN RESPONSE to the continued overcrowding on Luas trams during rush hour, Transport for Ireland has given the green light to a new double decker sized tram, WWN can reveal. Stressed out commuters have routinely complained about being packed into trams like a tin of sardines with worse smelling people and despite the introduction of… Read more »

Liffey Dolphin Glassed Passing Temple Bar

A DOLPHIN which had been spotted swimming up and down the Liffey river earlier today has been admitted to A&E after falling foul of an altercation as it passed underneath the Ha’penny Bridge, beside the city’s popular Temple Bar area. News of the stray cetacea spread on social media this morning, before becoming the number… Read more »