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“Payback Time, Fuckers” Irish Public Tell Insurers Accused Of Running Cartel

THE IRISH insurance buying public has called on people not to rush to judgement after learning of the news that the European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Insurance Ireland’s data pooling system which may have made it possible for insurance companies to operate a cartel, illegally ripping off customers in the process. “Payback… Read more »

Dublin Feuds: A Guide

THE key figures in the seemingly never-ending string of Dublin feuds may be ‘known to Gardaí’, but that doesn’t mean they’re known to you! With so many feuds going on at any given time, you’d be forgiven for not being up to speed on who’s shootin’ who. Here’s a quick recap to the main players:… Read more »

AIB Unveil New Armed ATM 3000

IRISH banking institution AIB has today unveiled a brand new heavily armed ATM robot which they say will combat a spate of robberies that have been plaguing banks around the country. The new ATM 3000 comes equipped with a .50 calibre automatic assault cannon, which can pierce through thick reinforced steel and even JCB shovels and… Read more »

Entire Bank Branch Stolen Overnight

GARDAÍ IN County Tipperary are appealing for any eyewitnesses to come forward after an entire branch of the Bank of Ireland was stolen by raiders overnight. Staff at the BOI branch in the town of Murt were left devastated this morning to find the 2,400 sq. meter building gone when they arrived to work at 9am, with nothing only the bank’s foundations… Read more »

Murderer Left Out On Bale By Irish Judge

THE IRISH public was offered a stark reminder of the ever expanding disconnect between Irish judges and appropriate decisions following a judge’s order to remand a serial killer on a bale of hay before his trial begins. “Do you even law, judge?” remarked a barrister representing the State, who was mindful of similar and recent… Read more »