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Garda Bodycams To Come With ‘Selective Recording’ Option

THE Government is expected to sign off on legislation today which paves the way for the use of Garda body cameras to help provide officers with their own recordings of situations they encounter on their beat, if they decide to press record. Mirroring better run jurisdictions due to an ongoing lack of imagination, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan will ask his Cabinet colleagues for… Read more »

3 Ways To Become ‘Known To Gardaí’

THE LIFESPAN of a career criminal is growing ever more brief as the violence that dominates Irish crime means many people’s lives are snuffed out, long before they can make their mark and become properly acquainted with the gardaí. If you were considering pursuing a life in crime, you need not be deterred by the… Read more »

The Tabloids’ Guide To Responsible Reporting On Trials

CRIMINAL trials of all descriptions are sadly exploited and poured over in lurid details by newspaper editors and principle-less online news publications, but luckily for the public Irish tabloids are always a bastion of restraint and respectful reporting. The temptation to turn someone’s tragedy into titillating conversation pieces for rubbernecking readers must be quite high,… Read more »

“Payback Time, Fuckers” Irish Public Tell Insurers Accused Of Running Cartel

THE IRISH insurance buying public has called on people not to rush to judgement after learning of the news that the European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Insurance Ireland’s data pooling system which may have made it possible for insurance companies to operate a cartel, illegally ripping off customers in the process. “Payback… Read more »