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Muslims Warned To Not Celebrate Christmas Like We Do

A STARK warning has been issued to all Muslims living in western countries not to attempt to celebrate Christmas, while at the same time getting more involved in western culture and our ways and traditions. The latest battle in the ongoing war against people who are sick of this argument was kicked off following the… Read more »

Man Hates John Lewis Ad For 7th Year In A Row

A LOCAL man with an undiagnosed case of hating things most people seem to like has gone on record for a 7th year in a row to voice his displeasure at the latest John Lewis Christmas ad, WWN can confirm. The British retailer’s annual festive ad has turned into a highly anticipated event, and the ocassion is… Read more »

Child’s Letter To Santa Full Of Veiled Threats

 The excitement and anticipation surrounding Christmas is well and truly underway in these, the first few days of December.Homes up and down the country will be kitted out with decorations and an excessively large tree in the coming days. The O’Malley household in Drogheda, Louth will be no exception. Conor O’Malley, the youngest in his… Read more »