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POLL: What Was Your Favourite War In 2016?

WITH so many brilliant armed conflicts to choose from, we have compiled the best 2016 wars from around the world for your choosing.  So which was your absolute favourite? Majority of weapons kindly sponsored by America, Britain, China, Russia and France

POLL: Should Anna Kendrick Be Executed After Mispronouncing Some Irish Person’s Name?

IN a crime which evoked memories of similarly barbaric acts against a downtrodden people, Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick mispronounced the name of an Irish actress you have quite possibly never heard of before today. Pronouncing the name Balfe as ‘Bal-fi’ instead of ‘Bal-fuh’ has been called this generation of Irish people’s Famine. A Nuremberg-style trial… Read more »

POLL: Was Castro Sound Or A Cunt?

2016 struck again at the weekend, with the death of Cuban revolutionary/dictator Fidel Castro passing at the age of 91. The divisive figure continued to split the audience even after death, with everyone agreeing that he was either a visionary leader who refused to bow to the might of oppression from super-powered countries, or a… Read more »