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Guide To Making Your Child A Viral Superstar

NOTHING says ‘I love my child’ more than when a parent shares a video on social media that goes viral worldwide, sending their oblivious toddler into a world of online fame. In fact, it pains us to think of all the poor children out there who have yet to experience the joy of a million… Read more »

WWN Guide To Twitter

IF you’ve never signed up for microblogging social media platform Twitter, you may find the idea of signing up now to be a bit daunting as the site is a minefield of symbols, hashtags and baffling terms like sub-tweeting and tweet threading. Fear not, WWN have all the basics you need to get started on… Read more »

WWN Guide To Awkward Chit Chat With The In-Laws

CHRISTMAS cheer will count for nothing when you lock eyes with your in-laws over the holdiays, as there is no escaping the fact there is always that silent, telepathic exchange which seems to say ‘I take your daughter on regular trips to Funkytown, in fact it’s our favourite destination’. Solutions for avoiding such awkward exchanges… Read more »

WWN Guide To Giving Up Keith Barry

IT SEEMS like everyone these days is trying to cut down on Keith Barry. His addictive personality and charm has conquered thousands of people over the years, leaving many users pining for more high-octane mind hacks, hypnotic escapades and neurolinguistic programming techniques. Just how does one give up such a man? Follow our step-by-step guide:… Read more »