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Greek PM Alexis Tsipras Last Seen On A Dinghy Heading For Syria

GREEK Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has reportedly made a break for Syria this morning in a dinghy after stepping down from his position late last night. Seemingly unfazed by the difficult and dangerous journey ahead, a smiling Mr. Tsipras waved goodbye to a small congregation of family, friends and supporters from an undisclosed port. “He looked so happy with himself;… Read more »

ISIS Staying Out Of The Headlines By Not Killing Lions

TERROR experts are said to be disturbed by callous and barbaric ISIS forces after discovering they are doing everything in their power to keep out of the headlines. “This is probably most devilish behaviour I have ever seen exhibited by a terror group in all my time covering them,” veteran Middle East reporter David O’Callaghan… Read more »

Female Viagra To Replace Pernod & Black By 2018

A REVOLUTIONARY new pill dubbed the “female viagra” is to revolutionise courtship when it goes on sale in Ireland next year. Scientists have claimed that should the drug catch on, it will have replaced current Irish aphrodisiacs such as a good feed of Pernod & Blackcurrant by as early as 2018. The drug, known as… Read more »

Outrage As Polish Doctor Poses With Fly Swatter And Dead Fly

POLISH doctor Paval Gabriś faced an angry backlash after posting an image of himself online holding a fly swatter while sitting over a dead fly on his kitchen table. Thousands of people took to his Facebook profile picture to leave comments branding him as a “deranged psychopath” and a “disgrace to humanity”. The general practitioner dismissed the criticism and vowed to… Read more »