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ISS Astronaut Totally Blanking Ireland For Some Reason

AFTER weeks of assuming that an astronaut currently orbiting Earth on-board the International Space Station was just too busy to tweet pictures of Ireland from space, Irish people are today coming to terms with the fact that he may be intentionally blanking us. Commander Chuck Denver, an American astronaut who joined the ISS crew in… Read more »

US Firms Blast Obama For ‘Magically Becoming Irish’ When It Suits Him

AMERICAN companies stationed in Ireland have today blasted US President Barack Obama for ‘Magically Becoming Irish’ when it suits him, following his latest attack on our country’s beautiful tax laws. Mr. Obama accused US firms of ‘playing the system’ in Ireland through tax inversion deals, stating it was “illegal” and “wrong” of them to avail of the tax… Read more »

Football Legend ‘Gazza’ Accidentally Killed By Rogue Israeli Drone

ENGLISH football legend Paul Gascoigne aka ‘Gazza’ was reportedly blown to pieces in his Newcastle home by a ‘rogue’ Israeli drone at 10 o clock this morning. Police investigators stated that the ‘accidental’ air strike obliterated the 45-year-old’s three bedroomed semi-detached house, killing him and his cat snowy instantly. Mr. Gascoigne’s remains were removed from… Read more »