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Robert Mugabe Bans All Forms Of Stairs In Zimbabwe

PRESIDENT of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has today called for an outright ban on all stairs and steps in the African Republic. The 90-year-old passed the new law which will see some 10 million stairs leveled across the country as part of a new ‘health and safety bill’, which he claims will save countless lives. All… Read more »

Awesome Taiwan Plane Crash Video Goes Mega Viral

AN absolutely awesome video of a passenger plane that clipped a road bridge and plunged into a river outside Taiwan’s capital has clocked up an incredible 2 million views in just under 24 hours after being posted to the website ‘YouTube’ yesterday evening. The video, captured on an unsuspecting motorist’s Dashcam, showed the TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop plane spectacularly… Read more »

Two Men Arrested As $2.5mn Shipment Of Cadbury’s Chocolate Seized Off The US Coast

THE United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency says field operations officers seized almost three tonnes of pure uncut Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate in a small container that was concealed on a yacht that arrived from Ireland. CBP said officers conducting an inspection of the vessel estimated the quality street value of the contraband seized… Read more »

The Vatican Launches Viral Catholic Website BuzzChrist

THE VATICAN has today announced yet another move toward engaging young lapsed Catholics the World over with its fantastic new viral website BuzzChrist. Similar to internet behemoth Buzzfeed, BuzzChrist will aim to get the Church’s message out to its followers through a variety of list articles and viral focused content. “We today launch the website… Read more »