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America Stuck On Repeat

FOLLOWING the 355th mass shooting in America this year, experts have warned that the country may be stuck on repeat. “It’s a rare neurological condition, which is contagious and can have lasting effects,” Professor Ava Gilmour explained to WWN. “Effectively, America is like an old overplayed CD which has been thrown on the floor and… Read more »

North Korea Wondering If They Can Bomb Syria Too

A SPOKESPERSON for the Korean People’s Army has today issued a statement asking the UN and NATO forces if North Korea can bomb Syria too, in a bid to test out their military hardware. The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, Pak Yong-sik, made the request yesterday evening in a brief detailing North Korea’s strategy… Read more »

Muslims Urged To Stop Dressing Up Like Terrorists

SECURITY forces in the UK are calling on people of the Islamic faith to rethink their dress code due to the alarming resemblance between Muslim and terrorist attire. David Freeman, a high-level security expert for MI5, has urged British Muslims to leave their current trend of burkas and headscarves behind in the morning for more… Read more »

Jihadi John Buried At Sea

THE US defence forces have confirmed that the body of Islamic extremist Jihadi John was buried at sea following a drone strike earlier this morning. The militant, whose real name is allegedly Mohammed Emwazi, was killed following a lengthy manhunt by the US military, which they claim took up most of their military resources over… Read more »