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Obama & Putin Arm Wrestle Over Differences On Syria

INTERNATIONAL leaders clogged up the doorway entrance to a meeting of the UN General Assembly after rumours swirled throughout the building of a scarcely believable event: an arm wrestling match up between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Eager to get the best available seats in a UN meeting room, leaders including Angela Merkel and Francois… Read more »

Mars To Sue Moon For Copyright Infringement

LEGAL proceedings have been brought against Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon, which is at the centre of accusations of copyright infringement made by the red planet, Mars. “Our clients believe the moon intentionally turned various shades of colours most closely associated with their brand early this morning, including red, orange and orangey-red in an… Read more »

Muslim Man Gives Mecca 2 Stars On Trip Advisor

THE obligatory once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mecca, the Saudi Arabian birthplace of Muhammed and holiest city in the Islamic faith, has failed to impress one Muslim lad who gave the trip only two stars on holiday review website TripAdvisor. Citing poor accommodation, overpriced restaurants and overcrowding as the main issues he had with his trip, Aamir… Read more »