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Russian Astronauts Seize Space Stations Toilet Paper In Tense Standoff With American Counterparts

INTERNATIONAL Space Station tensions escalated last night following a tense standoff between Russian and American astronauts over who owned the toilet paper. Explorer Mikhail Tyurin was reported to have “seized control” of the toiletries compartment in the station, which is situated at the Russian end of the orbiting vessel. Fellow countrymen Aleksandr Skvortsov and Oleg… Read more »

US Travel Agency Now Offering 3rd World Safaris

AMERICAN Travel agency Hardings have announced an exclusive holiday package for people wishing to experience the Third World first hand. The all-inclusive deal offers a wide range of economy and premium packages, bringing you to the heart of the war torn and impoverish parts of Africa. CEO of the company Donny Baker told WWN that… Read more »

Monica Lewinsky Still Can’t Get Cum Stain Off Dress

IN a tell-all article for Vanity Fair, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky detailed her frustrations in attempting to remove stained semen from her favourite blue dress. Monica Lewinsky gained notoriety in the late 90s, after admitting to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with then US President Bill Clinton while she worked at the White House… Read more »