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Ladder Purchases In Mexico Rise By 9,000%

THERE has been a 9000% rise in purchases of ladders in Mexico in the hours after US president Donald Trump indicated construction of a border wall between America and Mexico could begin in the coming days, WWN can confirm. President Trump has assembled the greatest construction minds in America to engage in building the wall,… Read more »

Trump Executes 12 Journalists In Show Of Force

THE lifeless corpses of 12 White House press correspondents were flung from the boot of a blacked out SUV at the break of dawn just metres away from the Washington Mall, and represent a clear statement of intent from the Trump administration WWN can report. The bodies a reminder, as if one was needed, of… Read more »

Inauguration Held Up While Trump Sorts Out ‘Some Little Punk’ On Twitter

PROCEEDINGS at the presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington DC have been temporarily held up, while president-elect Donald Trump engages in a bitter online flame-war with a Twitter user named ‘MarkBigBallz69’. Despite family members and White House aides urging Trump to ‘just let it go’, the soon-to-be 45th president of the United States stood hammering at… Read more »