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Moon Just Showing Off At This Stage

SCIENTISTS at US space agency NASA have confirmed that the moon which will display a ‘rare super blue blood moon’ this evening is just showing off at this stage and is just looking for attention. “Ah, honestly, don’t look at it. That’s exactly what it wants,” confirmed one NASA official, who also remarked “what even… Read more »

Russia Begins Grooming Bruno Mars For US Presidency

IDENTIFYING his awful music’s unique ability to divide opinion and stokes divisions in America and around the world, Russian secret service operatives have confirmed multiple Grammy winner Bruno Mars could be the ideal successor to current undercover agent, Donald Trump. “We have not seen people love and hate something or someone so much since dear… Read more »

“The Internet Is Exposing Our Lies And It Needs To Stop”

PHILANTHROPISTS, lobbyists, financiers, CEO’s and world leaders all gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week to discuss the risks posed by too much information being funnelled down to the lower classes via the internet and social media channels. Speaking with their mouths, political leaders lined up to slam social networks for gaining more power than… Read more »

Short Illness Cure Finally Discovered

RESEARCHERS at Trinity College Dublin have announced a major breakthrough in treating one of the worlds most common killers, the ‘short illness’, WWN can confirm. Hundreds of millions of people die every year due to a short illness, with doctors hailing the new find as the biggest scientific breakthrough so far of the 21st century. “We… Read more »