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US Military Suffering From Chronic Case Of Blue Balls

MEDICAL professionals are concerned for the US military which is reportedly suffering from a chronic case of blue balls, owing to the fact they can’t remember the last time ground troops were allowed to empty themselves out all over the territory of a sovereign nation. “It’s worse than I could have ever managed,” explained Dr…. Read more »

‘MeToo’ Claims Another Innocent Man Brought Down By Multiple Victims & Verifiable Accounts

SINCE the so-called #MeToo era emerged, the same regrettable pattern has replicated itself; innocent men in the entertainment industry are framed thanks to long standing rumours everyone was aware of, admissions of their own guilt and verified accounts of abusive behaviour. Each day, the feminist agenda reaches a new low in its attempts to bring… Read more »

World Urges Capable Politicians With Sensible Hair To Come Forward

A SHORTAGE of intelligent politicians with sensible haircuts has led to the declaration of a ‘worldwide emergency’ and the launch of an international appeal. “Initially we didn’t think wild hair mattered. Why couldn’t unconventionally coiffured politicians be intelligent? But evidently it’s the surest sign we have yet that you’re more likely to find signs of… Read more »