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Scotland & Ireland Confirm Brexit Strategy Will Involve Watching Braveheart Over Pints


A CLEAR and concise Brexit strategy shared by Ireland and Scotland has emerged in the past 24 hours following Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Dublin, WWN can confirm. “Few cans, whack on Braveheart, laughs at the English,” confirmed Sturgeon in a joint statement with Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan, “with a laser… Read more »

Advisors Beg Trump Not To Open A Snapchat Account


SENIOR advisors to president-elect Donald Trump are currently locked in an ongoing debate which has just entered its 12th hour, in which they are begging him to reconsider opening an Snapchat account. Trump, who often uses his Twitter account to tweet out statements bereft of fact and rooted in only the merest of realities, made… Read more »

Facebook Now A Fucking Car Boot Sale Or Something


NOT content with being the most powerful and successful social media platform in the world, Facebook has implemented a series of updates that allows users to hawk whatever old shite they have lying around their house. Dubbed ‘Marketplace’, the new buy and sell option showed up as an app on the sidebar of Facebook after years… Read more »

Trump Refuses To Leave Room After Hearing He Can’t Launch Nuclear Weapon At Inauguration


“GO AWAY, go away, no, I’m not listening, go away” THE words of president-elect Donald Trump as he locked himself in his Trump Tower penthouse apartment bedroom this morning. Reacting with customary petulance, the soon-to-be president of the United States threw himself with all his might into a tantrum of epic proportions after being informed… Read more »