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Marilyn Manson Enters ‘Is He Still Alive?’ Phase Of Career

FORMERLY shocking shock-rocker Marilyn Manson has appeared in newsfeeds around the world promoting his upcoming album, prompting the phrases ‘oh yeah, Marilyn Manson’ and ‘I thought Marilyn Manson was dead’ to trend on Twitter. 48-year-old Manson releases his eighth studio album in October, and has spent the last week on a an extensive press tour where he… Read more »

“My Bad” God Apologises For Accidentally Knocking Rogue Planet Into Earth’s Path

GOD the Almighty has today apologised for what his public relations team, the Vatican, are calling “an unforeseeable accident”, after hitting a rogue planet with his elbow and into the path of Earth on Tuesday evening. “Didn’t even see Nibiru there, my bad, guys!” God’s statement reads, which was published on Wednesday morning, “it’s so dark… Read more »

Union Set Up To Prevent World Wars Allows Moron To Try & Start A New One

THE UNITED Nations, an intergovernmental organisation tasked to promote international order, has come under fire today after allowing American president Donald Trump to casually threaten 25 million North Koreans with annihilation. In his maiden speech at the UN headquarters in New York, Mr Trump vowed to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea over the country’s ongoing nuclear… Read more »

Mikael Ø Lunde Announced As New CEO Of Norwegian Air

NORWEGIAN airline Norwegian Air has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive today following revelations that the carrier has poached as many as 140 pilots from rival budget airline, Ryanair. Mikael Ø Lunde, a successful 56-year-old newsagent franchise owner and income tax advisor, will take over duties from Bjørn Kjos at the start of October. Donning his trademark… Read more »