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Women Urged To Relax, Enjoy Their Second-Class Lives

FOLLOWING protests, demonstrations, anger, strife and general malcontent carried out by successive generations, women around the world are to be sat down and pleaded with to just finally accept their lot, and stop making such a fuss about it. With issues ranging from gender-based pay inequality, bodily autonomy, discrimination and sexual harassment all proving to… Read more »

Harrison Ford In Weekly Plane Crash

Locked into a contract with a number of movie studios, the terms of which dictate Ford maintains his ‘cool aging actor who is indestructible’ persona resulted in yet another near disaster as a plane he was piloting had a close call with a passenger plane. “Harrison was not attempting to do just about anything to… Read more »

Durex Scientists Unveil First Man Ribbed For Her Pleasure

IN A BREAKTHROUGH many thought wasn’t possible, women throughout the world can look forward to a level of pleasure never before experienced inside the confines of the bedroom this Valentine’s Day, thanks to the work of Durex and a dedicated team of scientists. A pioneering team of all female scientists working for the condom manufacturer… Read more »