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Everything You Need To Know About Jeremy Hunt

THE race to become leader of the Conservative Party has been whittled down to just two candidates, The Right Honourable Boris Johnson, and The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt. Although plenty is known about Boris Johnson thanks to his tireless work as a political mastermind with a firm grasp on right and wrong… but what about his… Read more »

Eiffel Tower Slowly Beginning To Melt In Heatwave

MAINLAND EUROPE is in the grips of an unprecedented recording-setting heat wave and French authorities are now on high alert as the Eiffel Tower is slowly beginning to melt in the intense and unrelenting heat. The famous tower was constructed at a time when the average temperatures during summer were far lower than the ones… Read more »

America Doing Concentration Camps For Kids Now

IN A BID to clear up any confusion relating to the rounding up and imprisoning of refugee and immigrant children without trial, often separated from their families for indefinite periods of time, America has confirmed that ‘yup, we’re doing concentration camps now’. While some well meaning individuals have flooded comment sections of American news publications… Read more »

Revealed: Donald Trump’s ‘Type’

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has responded to the latest allegations of sexual assault by stating in very frank terms that his accuser ‘is not his type’ when it comes to sexual assault, which seems to us to be a pretty watertight defence against claims of impropriety. But if E. Jean Carroll, or indeed any of the… Read more »

The Truth Behind The Johnson Argument

THIS PAST weekend saw Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson being systematically targeted by the gutter press who will stop at nothing in their campaign to just sit back and let him fuck it up all by himself. Before pulling out from the Sky News debate, and long after failing to pull out of any woman… Read more »

WWN’s Weekend Sport Recap

ANOTHER WEEKEND, another action-packed 48 hours filled with sporting delight. WWN was there for every kick of a ball, stride of a leg, puff of cheeks, vomit on side of pitch because you decided to go out the night before and really don’t have the lungs for Sunday league anymore. Catch up with WWN Sports,… Read more »

“I’ll War Next Term, Promise”

DEFENDING his cautious approach to the downing of a military surveillance drone over Iranian waters last week, US President Donald Trump reassured National Security Adviser John Bolton that he will definitely war next term and that he just “isn’t feeling Iran at the moment”. Calling off a military airstrike on Thursday against Iran at the last minute,… Read more »

Tory Contest Down To Final Two Incompetents

THE Tory leadership is entering its final, deeply disconcerting and depressing stages as party MPs have selected Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt as the best and final two incompetents that will be tasked with becoming prime minister and further plunging Britain into the nightmare it shows little willingness to wake from. Recent changes to how… Read more »