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Hubble Telescope Beams Back First Picture Of Your Ma

THERE were exciting scenes in NASA this morning after the Hubble telescope beamed back images of the largest mass in the known universe, your Mam. Technicians worked tirelessly for years to align the space observatory to the correct calibration required to truly take in the scope of your Ma, which required teams blasting off from… Read more »

“The Power Of Christ Compels You” Screams The Pope After Tackling Trump To The Ground

REPORTS emanating from the Vatican this morning contrast greatly with the official accounts of US President Donald Trump’s first meeting with Pope Francis, WWN can confirm. The first meeting between the two leaders had been much anticipated after the Pope decried the toxic messages Trump shared on his presidential campaign, solidified by Republican budget proposals… Read more »

Prince Harry Asks Queen If Girlfriend Can Have Free Money Too

PRINCE Harry has reportedly asked the Queen if his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, can have some free money too, sources inside Buckingham Palace confirmed earlier today. Ever since news came to light that Prince Harry was dating the Suits actress, British taxpayers have been wondering when the next expense will kick in, with some speculating a Royal wedding date… Read more »