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AMAZING! This Man Stopped Reading About The Syrian War & It Just Went Away

DESPITE news reports suggesting that once again aid agencies are being blocked from providing besieged Syrian civilians with supplies, one Waterford man has reportedly brought an end to the conflict by simply ignoring it, WWN can exclusively reveal. In a heartwarming display of what can only be described as an act of anti-war defiance, Waterford… Read more »

Scotland Given Second Chance To Shit Themselves

A SECOND referendum on Scottish independence currently being proposed by Nicola Sturgeon would, according to experts, grant Scotland a new chance to ‘piss the bed and go running back to the safety of their betters in England’, it has been confirmed. Should the referendum go ahead, Scottish people will have one more chance to show they… Read more »

“Go Find Your Own Shit”, Fed Up Saint Anthony Steps Down

THE VATICAN has confirmed today its first ever saint excommunication since its establishment, following an outburst from the now former saint of lost things, Saint Anthony. Born Fernando Martins de Bulhões, also known as Anthony of Lisbon, took to the heavens on Monday to lambast ‘idiots’ who continue to pray to him for help in finding missing items, many… Read more »