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WWN Fashion: Yemen Is The New Syria

A WAR, decades in the making, slowly reducing cities to rubble… a humanitarian crisis about to reach a breaking point, while the western world sits back and ignores it… a labyrinthine mess of sides, with no clearly defined ‘right’ or ‘wrong’… damn, Syria, looks like you’ve got some hot competition from Yemen this season! Syria,… Read more »

Trump Demands Burritos Be Renamed “Freedom Wraps”

AS relations between the US and Mexico continue to crumble over the onerous issue of immigration and ‘the wall’, President Donald Trump has demanded that a range of Mexican foodstuffs be renamed to be ‘more patriotic’. Taking example from the 2003 incident in which France opposed the US on the invasion of Iraq, leading to… Read more »

Trump Reinstates Ducking Stool

“DOES it work? Listen, I’ve talked to a lot of historians, okay, the best historians, and they’ve all told me that when it comes to dealing with women, okay, the ducking stool was very effective,” said President Donald Trump earlier today, outlining his plans for solving women’s rights issues over the duration of his term… Read more »

How A Botched Colonic Left This Man Inside Out Forever

WITH more and more people opting for alternative treatments for ongoing digestive ailments, including haemorrhoids, bloating and viral infections, colonic irrigation has been the treatment of choice for many. However, for one Waterford man, it was his first and last time getting the procedure. “They said it would feel a little bit weird, but I… Read more »