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“I Want To Murder & Dismember Journalists Too”

A VISIBLY SULKING US President Donald Trump has bemoaned his misfortune at not being allowed to murder and dismember journalists like King Salman of Saudi Arabia is. “It’s so not fair,” the President insisted, throwing a strop in the Oval Office, clearly jealous of how the Saudi royal family is free to murder journalists for… Read more »

Ikea Celebrates 1 Millionth Ruined Relationship

THE Dublin branch of Swedish furniture and lifestyle store Ikea has celebrated its one millionth blazing row between a couple as they pick out what would go best in their house, WWN can reveal. Michael Williams and his girlfriend Charlene Harris had a five-alarm meltdown in the ‘bathroom solutions’ aisle in a tiff over why… Read more »

America At It Again

YET MORE evidence emerging from the United States of America suggests they are ‘at it again’, WWN can confirm. A deluge of separate news items emanating from nation over the course of the last few days have coagulated together, forming a very substantive reminder of the fact you can’t even take your eyes off America… Read more »

Women Don’t Full Understand Mansplaining, Finds Study

RESULTS from a newly published study have revealed a staggering number of women don’t fully understand mansplaining and need it explained to them again because they are wrong about it. ‘Mansplaining’ mischaracterised as a man explaining something, often unsolicited, to a woman in a condescending manner, is not fully understood by as much as 92%… Read more »