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Mick Jagger Celebrates Birth Of New Carer


73-YEAR-OLD rockstar and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has celebrated a new addition to his team of dedicated carers following the birth of his latest progeny, WWN can confirm. In recent years, many aging rockstars have taken to repopulating the earth in a bid to ensure they have the requisite number of carers required to… Read more »

“Where On Earth Will We Find €485m?” Ask Banks Fined For Rate Rigging


CREDIT Agricole, HSBC and JP Morgan bosses said they have ‘no idea’ where they’re going to find the money to pay a €485m fine, after the European Commission’s competition watchdog punished the banks for rigging the Euribor interest rate benchmark. “Where on earth do they expect us to find that kind of money,” HSBC CEO Douglas Flint posed, before laughing uncontrollably with his… Read more »

I’m Not Done Yet, Warns 2016


FOR anyone thinking that the tsunami of death and misery wrought by the year 2016 was over or at least slowing down, we’ve got some bad news; it isn’t over yet. Not content with killing off beloved figures such as Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Robert Vaughan, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder, Muhammed Ali, Ronnie Corbett,… Read more »