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Chickpea Shortage Feared As Chickens Lay Fewer Peas

RETAILERS are reporting a large decrease in chickpea stocks around the world as chickens are laying fewer peas, sparking an increase in both demand and the price of chickpeas. Chickpea or the ‘Egyptian pea’ is a legume of the family Fabaceae and was named so due to the chickens from that area often laying small circular legume in… Read more »

Earth Unravels Overnight Leaving It Flat

US SPACE Agency NASA has confirmed that an unknown gravitational pull has somehow unravelled the earth overnight, leaving it flat. Hundreds of thousands of orbiting satellites reported system failures at approximately 3.37am GMT Monday morning leaving them floating helplessly in space with no defined orbit to circle as the earth became longer than it is high. “It… Read more »

Putin Critic Found Dismembered In Apparent Suicide

A RUSSIAN journalist and vocal critic of Vladimir Putin has reportedly committed suicide by dismembering his own body, Russia Today has confirmed. The 122nd opponent and/or critic of Putin to die in perfectly non-suspicious circumstances in recent years, Andrei Ivanov, was found in several pieces in his Moscow apartment after taking a knife to himself, and ending… Read more »