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North Korea Unveil Stealth Bomber

STANDING behind a vast bank of intimidating weaponry only leading North Korean military officials could see, Kim Jong Un proudly unveiled his impoverished country’s latest secret weapon. The stealth bomber, a technology previously only held by the American air force, was paraded in full lack of view to the State media on an empty runway… Read more »

New ‘Jesus Viagra’ Makes You Rise Three Days Later

PHARMACEUTICAL giants Pfizer have teamed up with the Catholic Church to create a new, slow-acting version of their popular ED drug Viagra, designed to mimic the death and resurrection of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ™. Dubbed Jesup, the drug enables men suffering with erectile dysfunction to achieve a full erection capable of penetrative sex, albeit… Read more »

5 Things Hitler Never Did

WITH WHITE PRESS Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments relating to the fact Hitler never sank as low as to use chemical weapons on innocent people, WWN’s newly installed resident historian Sean Spicer has unearthed a further five things Adolf Hitler absolutely never did during his tenure as mild mannered leader and saviour of the German people…. Read more »