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Man Actually Believes Girlfriend When She Says She Doesn’t Think About Jamie Dornan During Sex

A WATERFORD woman has done the impossible and convinced her boyfriend of 7 years that she does not retreat into fantasies of being ravaged by Jamie Dornan while they engage in intercourse, WWN has learned. Lismore local Rachel Healy confirmed to her partner David Griffin that the broad shoulders, flawless face and puddle-inducing abs of… Read more »

Nestlé Unveil New Milky Bar Kid

THE Milky Bars are on Amir Abdelraham, the 10-year-old London boy recently announced as the new mascot for the popular chocolate treat from Nestlé. Amir beat off stiff competition from hundreds of other hopefuls over weeks of auditions to grab the role of ‘the Milky Bar kid’, the popular figurehead of Milky Bar bars and… Read more »

Ireland To Advise Australia On How To Sweep Clerical Abuse Under The Carpet

AN ongoing inquiry into the instances of abuse of children has the Australian public horrified by how prevalent the routine and habitual abuse was in several Catholic orders. Following the conclusion of the inquiry, considerable pressure from the public could see the Australian government forced to act and take punitive action against the Catholic church…. Read more »