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God Dies After Battle With Short Illness


THE Vatican has today confirmed the untimely death of God the almighty and creator of the universe after losing a ‘battle with a short illness’ at his heavenly home. Pope Francis led tributes this morning from St Peter’s, sending his condolences to God’s only remaining sibling, Jesus, who has been sitting at the right¬†hand of… Read more »

Brexit Could Take 10 Hilarious Years To Resolve


THE LATEST news emanating from the tentative negotiations between Britain and the EU has suggested Britain’s exit from the EU could take as many as 10 highly amusing years to complete. “Well, when you factor in the suggestion that the EU will effectively force Britain to pay ¬£50 billion to leave, these next 10 years… Read more »

“Her Password Was Just Zero-Zero-Zero-Zero”, Laughs Putin

“EVERYONE is saying Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails… guys, there was fuck all hacking needed,” giggled Russian president Vladimir Putin, in an exclusive interview with WWN. Responding to allegations that hacks from within Russia were used to influence the recent American presidential elections, Putin stopped short of confirming that he ordered his staff to sway… Read more »

Trump Doing Pretty Good Job So Far, Says Trump


DONALD Trump’s approval rating has shot up in the weeks since his victory in the US presidential race, according to a survey of Donald Trump. The Republican president-elect was deemed by the Republican president-elect to be doing ‘a damn fine job’ and was ‘on course to do everything right in the correct and goodest way’… Read more »

Seven Things You Can Do To Help Aleppo


A BITTER civil war rages on with no end in sight. Conflicting accounts of the horrors endured by innocent civilians on the ground. Harrowing, first hand accounts of a litany of barbarous acts carried out on men, women and children. These visceral and heart wrenching things may have lead you to think to yourself ‘what… Read more »

Russia Rigged Election, Killed JFK And Hid Saddam’s WMDs, Confirms CIA


RUSSIAN’S helped Donald Trump win this years US election, assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963 and hid Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) confirmed today. President Barack Obama ordered intelligence agencies to review cyber attacks and foreign intervention into the 2016 US election and deliver a report before he left… Read more »