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List Of Hollywood A-Listers Not Embroiled In Lurid Sex Scandals Down To 4

FOLLOWING the shocking revelations that the Hollywood producer of Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love and Good Will Hunting stands accused of things Hollywood has more or less known about since the early 1990s comes the news just four A-list Hollywood names remain untarnished by a sexual assault scandal. With movie producing phenom Harvey Weinstein accused… Read more »

Spanish Government Kidnap Lionel Messi In Dawn Raid

THE latest escalation in violence carried out by Spanish government forces against the Catalan region of the country has seen football superstar Lionel Messi been kidnapped while on international duty in Argentina. “And no, just to make it clear, we will not be making him play for Real Madrid. That’s unfair, no, we’re finally going… Read more »

“Wouldn’t You Be Glad You Live In Ireland All The Same” Says Mother Watching The News

FREQUENTLY interrupting the presenter relaying news reports on her television set, Waterford mother, Sharon Hartigan (63) has confirmed that you would be glad to reside in Ireland, despite its many flaws, WWN can confirm. The observation, prompted by a number of troubling events and happenings, has led Hartigan to ruminate on the relative serenity of… Read more »

CONFIRMED: Las Vegas Shooter Was Lone Wolf Conspiracy Gun Nut False Flag Domestic Terrorist Disgruntled Loser Government Patsy That ‘Just Snapped’

LAS VEGAS officials have taken to the comments section on a Facebook post by a reputable fake news outlet to confirm that Stephen Paddock, the gunman who opened fire on a country music concert at the weekend, was a lone wolf shooter who conspired with dozens of others to perpetrate his heinous act of violence…. Read more »

​ REVEALED: Leaked Tom Cruise Auditing Documents From The Church Of Scientology

WHISTLEBLOWER website Whisper Leaks has today released some 36,000 documents reportedly taken from auditing sessions carried out by the church of scientology on American actor Tom Cruise. In what is being called the biggest breach of information from the religious order to date, thousands of questions and answers about Mr. Cruise’s life were made public,… Read more »