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Oldest Siblings Are Complete And Utter Wankers, Finds Study

FINALLY it’s settled! First-born children are complete and utter wankers who think they’re far superior to their younger siblings because they’re older and generally do a lot better in life. A recent study by Harvard University waded into the age-old debate and concluded that firstborns are pure dicks after studying over 10,000 children over a 20 year period…. Read more »

White Nationalists Advised Sun Will Only Turn Black Temporarily And Not To Shoot At It

RIGHT-WING publications along with various US police departments have urged the American racist community that the sun will only remain black for a brief period and not to shoot at it as it turns black during a predicted solar eclipse today. An article in Breitbart news warned against firing at the celestial object, pointing out that the descending bullets could actually end up killing… Read more »

Clown Community Blasts Steve Bannon For Likening Them To White Nationalists

MEMBERS of the clown community in the United States have today slammed White House chief strategist Steve Bannon after he likened them to White Nationalists and losers in an interview with the American Prospect, a left wing political magazine on Wednesday. During the bizarre interview, Bannon branded white nationalists as “clowns” over the fallout from violent protests in… Read more »

Budget Airline Complains About Budget Passengers

BUDGET carrier Ryanair has called for a crackdown on alcohol sales at British airports, claiming that the number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour last year has increased by 50%, tarnishing the airlines impeccable reputation. Europe’s biggest short-haul airline has proposed a ban on early morning sales of alcohol in bars and restaurants, as more… Read more »