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Boycotting Palm Oil The Next Great Big Cause In Local Woman’s Life

ENRAGED over the banning of a Christmas advertisement which highlighted the destruction caused by harvesting palm oil in the rainforest, veteran online campaigner Charlotte Rafferty has swooped into action by taking the issue to her Facebook news feed. “This is terrible,” Rafferty carefully typed into her cobalt dependant phone, “chopping down trees just for palm oil and leaving the poor baby monkey’s homeless…absolute  disgrace… Read more »

Iceland Executes Its 5,000th Banker ​

MARKING the ten year anniversary of the global banking crisis, Iceland has this morning executed its 5000th banker in Reykjavik for what it called ‘market manipulation and breach of fiduciary duties’, WWN can confirm. What once started as a revolutionary stance admired the world over has now become a sad and rather brutal tradition which now… Read more »

World Seemingly Forgets America Is America

WORLDWIDE optimism remains high that America will ‘do the right thing’ during today’s crucial Midterm elections, with most people choosing to ignore the fact that when it comes to this kind of thing, ‘America Gonna America’. Hopes are high for a ‘blue wave’ which will see the balance of power in the Senate and the House Of… Read more »