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Overpaid Bank CEOs Strike For Worse Pay & Working Conditions

IN A SOBERING act of remarkable self-awareness, leading CEO in banks and financial institutions around the world have gone on strike demanding that the boards and shareholders which have facilitated their wildly inflated salaries, reduce them immediately while simultaneously putting demands on them to work longer hours. Armed with placards emblazoned with slogans such as… Read more »

God Ignores Yet Another Prayer Notification On His Phone

GLANCING at the home screen preview of the latest prayer notification on his iPhone Xs, God the Almighty made a mental note to look up how to turn off the ‘blasted notifications’ once and for all, which are now running into the tens of billions. “Dear God, please take care of my grandad as he is very…” pinged yet another… Read more »

Russia Stealing Magnetic North, Report Claims

A DAMNING new report published by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has claimed that Russia has been slowly stealing magnetic North for that past 20 years, WWN can confirm. The 467 page report stated that Vladimir Putin secretly conspired with dozens of Russian billionaires to shift Earth’s north magnetic pole back as early as 1999, when it is… Read more »