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World Begs Stormy Daniels To Stay Quiet

ADULT actress and former Donald Trump sex partner Stormy Daniels has been implored to keep further details of her affair with the president to herself, following her disturbing revelations about the size and shape of Trump’s penis. Daniels is currently revealing excerpts from her upcoming tell-all book about her tryst with Trump, including the fact that his erect… Read more »

“Bert’s A Twink But I’m More Of A Bear”

SESAME STREET residents Bert and Ernie were outed days ago. Today they speak out for the very first time about their loving relationship. “I’d never even heard of a gimp mask before I met Ernie,” Bert chimes in, nudging at his partner’s shoulder with his head in a playful way. It’s a frank discussion throughout… Read more »

Local Man No Idea Where He Was During 9/11

ESCHEWING the recollections much of the western world shares regarding the September 11th attacks in New York in 2001, local man Richie Loughlan can’t for the life of him recall where he was when the horrifying terror attack occurred. “No, nothing, Sorry, mind’s blank. College up in Galway? No, that was 2002,” explained Loughlan, who… Read more »

Eminem Still So Angry

IT is our solemn duty to inform the public that despite decades of wealth, the rap artist born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Slim Shady, also known as Eminem, is still to this day completely and utterly gosh-darn ticked off at everything. This week the Detroit-born rapper released Kamikaze, his first studio album… Read more »