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​ REVEALED: Leaked Tom Cruise Auditing Documents From The Church Of Scientology

WHISTLEBLOWER website Whisper Leaks has today released some 36,000 documents reportedly taken from auditing sessions carried out by the church of scientology on American actor Tom Cruise. In what is being called the biggest breach of information from the religious order to date, thousands of questions and answers about Mr. Cruise’s life were made public,… Read more »

Trump Assures Puerto Ricans They’re Fine

VICTIMS of the devastating hurricane that levelled Puerto Rico have been assured once again by President Donald Trump that they have plenty of food, water and medical supplies, despite what they may think to the contrary. ‘FEMA & First Responders are doing a GREAT job in Puerto Rico. Massive food & water delivered,’ tweeted Trump,… Read more »

Jared Kushner Registered As ‘Qualified For Job’ In Embarrassing White House Error

FURTHER embarrassment has been heaped on the Trump administration just hours after it was reported that Jared Kushner was registered as ‘female’ on New York State Board’s voting register. With the Trump administration in the middle of wildly celebrating three scandal free minutes of the presidency, reports began circling in the media that President Trump’s… Read more »