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Prince Charles Wishes The Queen A Speedy Death


THE Prince of Wales has broken his silence on his mother’s ongoing battle with the flu, stating that he wishes her a speedy trip into the grave as soon as possible. Charles, the heir apparent to the throne, made the remarks during a 90-minute rant to his closest aides earlier this morning at Buckingham Palace,… Read more »

Queen Diagnosed With Queen Flu


HER Majesty the Queen of England is said to be feeling a ‘wee bit better’ today, as her battle with a particularly nasty bout of Queen flu enters its third week. Having already wreaked havoc with the Queen’s Christmas plans, including forcing her to miss New Year’s morning mass for the first time in years, sources close… Read more »

Scottish Man Loses An Aye In Disturbing Attack


A TROUBLING late night assault in the Glasgow area of Scotland has left police perplexed, resulting in an international appeal to linguistic experts. Alan McKay, a 33-year-old Glasgow native was jumped by an attacker on his way home from his local pub The Deep Fried Arms last night with A&E doctors later horrified to discover… Read more »