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World Leaders Renew International Lie-To-People Pact

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gets underway on Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, with many of the world’s richest people gathering in the same room as leading politicians. While the WEF’s itinerary is shrouded in secrecy, many believe a number of world leaders are there to renew their long-standing agreement known otherwise as the lie-to-people… Read more »

World Acting Like The Syrian War Has Gone Away

In some fortuitous news for embattled despot Bashar Al Assad it seems the World has decided to forget there is a civil war ongoing in Syria Following the recent developments regarding chemical weapons and their use in the conflict many of the World’s leading politicians have put everything on hold in order to shy away… Read more »

Waterford Man Finds Elusive HTTP 404 Hiding In Attic

A COUNTY Waterford Man discovered the elusive HTTP 404 hiding in his attic after he began putting away his Christmas decorations late yesterday evening. Michael Price contacted local Gardai after uncovering the standard response code at 8pm. The father-of-four said he was absolutely shocked to discover it had been living in his attic for over… Read more »

Meek To Sue Jesus Over Earth Inheritance Claim

THE MEEK have announced they are suing Jesus Christ of Nazareth over an Earth inheritance claim which was promised to them nearly 2000 years ago. The group have said they are ‘sick and tired’ of waiting around for the inheritance to be signed over to them, and have hired a team of lawyers to help… Read more »

Man High On Meth Who Fought Off Policemen While Masturbating Declared World’s First Male Multi-Tasker

37-year-old Andrew Frey made international headlines this week after news spread of his extraordinary altercation with American police officials. While in an Oregan restaurant Frey reportedly engaged in a series of outbursts before police arrived on the scene to subdue him. Unfortunately for the police officers Frey was high on crystal meth and he made… Read more »