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God Was ‘Unaware’ Of Church Sex Abuse Scandals, Claims Vatican

THE VATICAN last night dismissed suggestions that the God our father had any knowledge of sexual abuse scandals committed by 4,392 Catholic priests over the past 60 years. A spokesperson for the Vatican denied that God, 84tn-years-old, knew about the ongoing molestations prior to the first reported case twenty five years ago. The supernatural creator… Read more »

Prince Philip Celebrates Birthday With ‘Blackface’ Party

The entire United Kingdom was heard to utter ‘shit-bugger-arse-tits’ upon learning that the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip is choosing to celebrate his 93rd birthday with a ‘simply darling’ evening’s entertainment involving performers in ‘blackface’. While Prince Philip is believed to have acquiesced to requests that he duct tape his mouth shut while in conversation… Read more »

The Perfect US Gunman Just Years Away, Claims Media

WITH tragic shootings unfolding across America with ever increasing regularity, the Media has reassured the public that the perfect US gunman is only a matter of years away. “We were so, so very close with this latest one,” shared grinning Sky News editor Mags Cubbs, “he nearly had it all. He was misogynistic, tick, he… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Kate Middleton’s Ass Exposed

WATERFORD Whispers News exclusively brings you Kate Middleton’s ass in all his glory. We have been given exclusive rights by the Middleton estate to show you the first ever images of the Duchess of Cambridge’s donkey, Dingo, who has been in the family for almost 19 years. The dingo was generously rescued by Kate’s father… Read more »