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US Scientist Caught Taking Artificially Grown Vagina Home

BEN FISHER a research assistant at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina was discovered attempting to bring an artificially grown vagina with him as he leaving for the night. This news comes after last week the Wake Forest institute announced that vaginas were successfully implanted into four teenage girls who have… Read more »

Herpes Voted Most Stylish STD

The latest poll, carried out on celebrity gossip site has revealed herpes to be the sought after venereal disease of the coming year. Thousands are said to have voted in the website’s poll, which saw herpes jump ahead of last year’s winner syphilis. Perez Hilton said he was not surprised by this year’s victor…. Read more »

Sharing Heartwarming Videos To Become Mandatory By 2015

NEW legislation being drafted will make it mandatory for social network users to post every heartwarming video you see from 2015 onwards. Governments worldwide are joining forces to ensure that the new policy is enforced to the letter of the law, after learning that hundreds of heartwarming moments shared between family members and/or their pets,… Read more »