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Severed Heads Now Top Of Young Boys Christmas List

FOLLOWING a tweeted picture posted by jihadi fighter Khaled Sharrou of his son holding a severed head of a Syrian soldier to camera, thousands of young boys across the world have since put pen to paper in an early xmas list bid to Santa Claus. ‘Dear Santa,’ wrote eight-year-old Charlie McGeever, who’s parents wished to… Read more »

ISIS Suicide Bombers Go On Strike Amid Safety Fears

FOLLOWING a recent incident which saw a suicide bomb instructor blow himself, a growing number of members of the repellent extremist group ISIS have gone on strike. The blowing up of a suicide bomb instructor has raised serious questions about safety among the forces who are attempting to institute a tyrannical caliphate throughout Iraq. “I… Read more »

ISS Astronaut Totally Blanking Ireland For Some Reason

AFTER weeks of assuming that an astronaut currently orbiting Earth on-board the International Space Station was just too busy to tweet pictures of Ireland from space, Irish people are today coming to terms with the fact that he may be intentionally blanking us. Commander Chuck Denver, an American astronaut who joined the ISS crew in… Read more »