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Press This Button To Cancel Brexit

Action loading. Connecting to European Commission servers. Loading. Processing. Loading. Complete. CONGRATULATIONS Theresa! 🎉🎉🎉 You’ve done it, you have successfully cancelled Brexit! What relief you must be feeling. Don’t worry that sensation coursing through your body is called adrenaline, and that thing expanding out across your face where scowl used to be is called a… Read more »

Ed Sheeran Marriage Annulled By Media

TABLOID journalists have applied for the annulment of the marriage of pop superstar Ed Sheeran to his childhood sweetheart, claiming that the union contravenes the time-honoured celebrity-media matrimonial agreement. Sheeran, ungrateful after everything the mainstream media has done for him, snuck off to marry Cherry Seaborn in what has been described as an intimate ceremony in… Read more »

Meet The Irish Hunt Who Swapped Foxes For Paedophiles

UP UNTIL the last ten years paedophile hunting was a relatively unknown practice in Ireland despite the apparent large number of them living here, however, with the emergence of social networking sites the phenomenon has gone from strength to strength with it now becoming one of the nation’s favourite pass times. WWN travelled to county… Read more »