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Gerry Adams Diagnosed With Selective Alzheimers


EXPERTS in neuroscience have diagnosed Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams with a new form of Alzheimer’s, which causes the victim to lose huge chunks of memory, usually relating to the same subject. Although Alzheimer’s patients normally experience a gradual loss of memory from across their whole life, the newly-named ‘Adams Disease’ causes the sufferer to… Read more »

Donal Skehan Christmas Special Revealed To Be Donal Skehan Eating Selection Box


LEAKED previews of ‘Donal Skehan’s Magical Christmas Cookery Special’ has revealed that the entire show revolves around the young chef showing people the correct way to open and eat an entire selection box. Skehan, known for such culinary shows as ‘Boilin’ Eggs with Donal’, ‘Donal’s Koka Noodles Secrets’ and ‘Beans, Toast, and Donal’, will spend… Read more »