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Avoca Products Found To Contain Really Posh Bacteria

SEVERAL Avoca products have been flagged by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland for containing Listeria, described by Avoca as ‘a stunning, artisanal bacteria guaranteed to trigger deep emotions in those lucky enough to be able to afford it’. Batches of hummus and colcannon, both believed to be infused with delicate, subtle notes of the… Read more »

Inquiries Into Gardaí Now Outnumber Actual Guards

WITH the launch of yet another investigation, inquiry, commission of investigation, investigative commission of inquiry or the investigative commission into various actions of members of An Garda Síochána, WWN can confirm that inquiries into the gardaí now dwarf the number of guards on the streets. The inquiry has been instigated by Minister for Defence Frances… Read more »

Ireland To Advise Australia On How To Sweep Clerical Abuse Under The Carpet

AN ongoing inquiry into the instances of abuse of children has the Australian public horrified by how prevalent the routine and habitual abuse was in several Catholic orders. Following the conclusion of the inquiry, considerable pressure from the public could see the Australian government forced to act and take punitive action against the Catholic church…. Read more »

Hospital Trolley Hasn’t Had A Day Off In Ten Years

A HOSPITAL trolley in Waterford is said to be on its last legs after working 10 straight years without a break, WWN can reveal. The trolley, currently residing at the University Hospital in Ardkeen, was introduced fresh from the production line in 2007 and has seen thousands of patients occupying it over the decade. “I… Read more »