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Fact Check: Did Twink Really Perform A Hysterectomy On Her Pet Llama In The Backseat Of A Ford Ka On The M50?

AS ALMOST everyone with access to a television set or social media network has already heard, Twink is making the news today for all the wrong reasons, after being stopped by Gardai on the m50 with a mutilated Llama in the backseat, but is it all true? WWN investigates. Claim: Twink performed a hysterectomy on her pet Llama in the backseat of a… Read more »

Exorcism Called Off After Child Revealed To Be Just Teething

THE VATICAN-ordered exorcism of a Waterford toddler has been called off after it was discovered that the supposedly-possessed little girl was simply teething, WWN can confirm. Little Jamie Kerraher, 19-months-old, presented all the symptoms of demonic possession over the past week, including fever, diarrhoea, and screaming at everyone who came next to or near her…. Read more »