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Gardaí Join Yellow Jacket Movement By Mistake

YESTERDAY’S ‘Yellow Jacket’ protest in Dublin has been heralded as the world’s largest demonstration of its kind, after a series of communications lapses on the part of An Garda Síochána saw the entire police service of the country accidentally join the march. Inspired by the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ demonstrations in France, a group calling themselves Yellow… Read more »

HSE 10 Year Challenge Pictures Exactly The Same

IRELAND’S national health system the HSE stated it was absolutely flattered after its 10 year challenge pictures were almost identical to 2009, WWN can confirm. The Health Service Executive posted two images late yesterday evening depicting crowded hallways and hospital trolleys littered full of annoyed, sick patients waiting to be seen by struggling nurses and doctors. “Oh my God, you haven’t… Read more »

Local TD ‘Delighted’ To Take Credit For Funding He Had No Involvement In

CAREFULLY crafting a post on his personal Facebook page, Tipperary TD Marty McDonoghue announced the latest local investment news to his tens of dedicated of followers in the hopes they will somehow believe he’s the one responsible for it, WWN can confirm. Despite having no previous knowledge of the €10mn funding for local IT business TechTron, McDonoghue wasted no time in chiming… Read more »

Returning TDs Have New Trousers Ruined Already

SEVERAL Dáil members are in big, big trouble when they get home this evening, having already knocked the knees out of their new term clothes just one day back in Leinster House after returning from the Christmas holidays. Dressed in clothes that went up clean on them this morning, politicians from all sides of the Dáil were… Read more »