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Keeping Sketch, A Guide

KEEPING sketch, that ancient Irish practice passed down from generation to generation. A technique, a skill, a direct link to your kin and ancestry, that if left unpracticed could seep away from your brian thus you lose a great tradition. WWN is hand to make sure that doesn’t happen, for keeping sketching is a key… Read more »

Gardening Tips With WWN

THE good weather is finally here, which means you’ve no more excuses, it’s time to sort out the garden like you promised to do several years ago. Put to bed those rumours of ‘getting someone in to do it’… we all know you’ll never spend money on a garden, when there’s pints that you still… Read more »

Dublin Rents Hit New High After Dropping LSD

THE average price of rent in Dublin has soared again to a hallucinatory high, after it was revealed rents have been dropping LSD in a bid to escape the daily pressures of life. “It all makes sense now,” said one Dublin renter we spoke too, who was pleased to finally have an explanation for why… Read more »

Is It Time You Took Your Junior Cert Results Off Your CV?

A NEW study has shown that the majority of employers don’t put much stock in the extra-curricular, non-work aspects of their employees lives, prompting hundreds of thousands of Irish people to wonder if maybe they should take their hobbies, favourite movies, and details of their Junior Cert accomplishments off their CVs. The report also showed… Read more »