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Local Woman Could Have Been Killed Stone Dead

WATERFORD mother Helena McHarris has spent the better part of her day filling her family and friends in on the harrowing details of her morning, which the 58-year-old claims she was lucky to survive. McHarris, well known in her locality for never exaggerating anything, held one hand on her chest as she told the story of how… Read more »

Government Purchase 600 Tonnes Of Viagra In Preparation For Hard Border

THE IRISH Government has announced a €4bn investment in the impotence drug Viagra in preparation for a potential hard border with Northern Ireland after it seems more likely an outcome more now than ever, WWN can confirm. Over 4,000 barrels of the drug were bought from Cork’s very own Viagra production factory in Ringaskiddy owned by leading pharmaceutical… Read more »

Parking Meters Installed Along M50

PARKING meters with an extended maximum period of ten hours are to be installed along the M50 with the aim of generating €500mn euro in the first year of operation, WWN can confirm. Motorists stationary for more than 2 minutes will be required to spend a minimum of 3 euros to avoid being clamped under the new… Read more »