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Builder Makes Start On Third Breakfast Of Day

WATERFORD building contractor Mark Tallon and his four-man crew are getting ready to crack into their first job of the day, right after a quick nip to Spar for a few breakfast rolls to back up the jambons and sausage pastries they got at 9 o’clock, following their cereal and toast before they left home this morning…. Read more »

Government Calls On Army To Tackle Homeless Problem

QUICKLY responding to a recent report which found there are now over 10,000 human beings homeless on the island of Ireland, members of the Fine Gael government have called on the army to tackle the problem head on. Blaming a mild Winter for the spiralling numbers, members of the government said that humane but urgent action is needed as herds of… Read more »

Leaving Cert Students To Be Assessed From Birth

LEAVING cert students could be assessed from the time they are born instead of facing one set of exams at the end of 6th year, a new suggestion by the Department of Suggestions suggests. The new appraisal system will intrusively focus on every single thing the child does, with marks given or taken away for life milestones like their first scream,… Read more »

New York Times Reports Nothin’

THE New York Times has reported nothing in the last 24 hours, WWN and all other Irish news outlets can confirm. Seemingly operating under reporting guidelines that are far removed from what must be adhered to here in Ireland, the egregious NY Times somehow managed to string together zero words and no images to back… Read more »