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Some Bitch At Work Just Got Huge Bunch Of Flowers

REPORTS are spreading throughout a Waterford solicitors firm that one female employee has received a huge bunch of flowers, as well as a hamper of assorted Valentine’s Day treats delivered by courier to her desk by a husband who clearly loves her very much, unlike the partners of any of the other ladies in the… Read more »

Nobody Is Smearing That Rat Bastard, Government Confirms

“YOU DON’T know what we know you know we know,” read a government statement, clearing up all unanswered questions surrounding the treatment of garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe and the knowledge the cabinet had regarding the role of Tusla in one of just countless attempts at smearing him. “What matters is the matter of Minister Zappone’s… Read more »

Irish Women Begin Practicing Their ‘Oh Well, You Tried Your Best’ Look Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

A GROWING collective of Irish women are coming together to help one another overcome the usual wave of disappointment that washes over them on Valentine’s Day when Irish men fail spectacularly at all attempts of being romantic, WWN has learned. “In short, they’re awful eejits, aren’t they,” read a statement issued by the Nation’s put-upon… Read more »

Man Had No Idea Coworker Was A Protestant

A WATERFORD office worker has expressed surprise and shock after discovering the man sitting opposite him in work for the past 2 years is a Protestant, WWN can reveal. “I just hadn’t a clue, it’s mad,” office worker Cormac Nellin shared with WWN, still wrestling with the revelation. Nellin made the discovery earlier this morning… Read more »

Garda Commissioner Spends Day On Pulse Searching For Dirt On Brendan Howlin

STAFF at the office of the Garda Commissioner have been told to hold all of Noirín O’Sullivan’s calls while she carefully sifts through Pulse, a database used by an Garda Síochána for checking criminal and traffic records. It is understood the Commissioner began work extra early this morning following allegations that she and former Garda commissioner Martin Callinan engaged in a… Read more »