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Man Shot In Non-Posh Part Of Dublin

ONE, possibly two news crews have descended on a non-posh part of Dublin to report on a crime which hasn’t, at first glance at least, affected anyone paying the higher rate of income tax. The fantastic news regarding the preservation of the important half of Irish society comes at the reasonable and low cost of… Read more »

Garda Breathlyser Revealed To Be Empty Ribena Cartons

THE Garda breathalyser scandal took another turn today, after it was revealed that the equipment being used by roadside Gardaí to check motorists was actually an empty cardboard juice box with some buttons drawn on the side. The revelation goes some way to explaining why statistics for nearly two million breath tests that never took place… Read more »

Local Kid Finally Comes Down from Halloween Sugar Buzz

THERE was a huge relief for a Waterford family today when their 8-year-old son finally came down from a sugar high that had lasted almost two full days, after consuming his body weight in sugar on Halloween night. Kenny Traynor emerged from his artificial sweetener-fueled rampage in the early hours of this morning, following 48… Read more »