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Nivea Launches Factor 500 Sunscreen For Gingers

SKIN CARE company Nivea announced today they will manufacture and distribute the worlds first sunscreen with an SPF of 500, designed specifically for people with ginger hair. The product will go on sale in the next few weeks, and initially be available exclusively to the Irish and Scottish markets. High SPF sun creams have proved… Read more »

Duffy’s Circus To Host Banking Inquiry

Despite the commencement of the banking inquiry some way off, the media storm continues apace as dissenting political voices queue up to share their doubts over its feasibility. The banking inquiry has made steady headlines this last week as the public have been witness to endless twists and turns and ceaseless, selfless politicking. The latest… Read more »

HSE To Ask Winning Waterford Nurse Syndicate For A Loan

WWN has learned that a group of Waterford nurses who recently won as much as €500,000 in a Euro Millions draw are set to be contacted by the HSE who are desperate for a loan of some cash. Yesterday senior HSE officials sat before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and were questioned on the seemingly… Read more »

Gardai Man Crime Scene In Coolock

UP to nine Gardai are currently manning a crime scene in Coolock today after numerous freshly dug holes were found in the area. Residents reported that men wearing hi-viz jackets began digging up local footpaths without reason at 8am this morning. When approached the vandals refused to talk to homeowners about the holes and continued… Read more »

Ireland Makes The Big Switch To Islam

FOLLOWING the publication of a study which has declared Ireland ‘the most Muslim country in the world’, many Irish people are making the big switch to Islam. Ireland, according to this latest study from George Washington University, is the country most faithful to the values of the Koran, putting the already uncertain future of the… Read more »