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Son Evicted By Landlords After Turning 18

A WATERFORD pressure group which has campaigned for increased rights for tenants across the country has called the eviction of an 18-year-old teenager in the Dungarvan area ‘a disgrace’. Unemployed teenager Gary Chambers awoke yesterday to the sounds of an eviction specialist firm lifting him from his bed and out of the property he shared… Read more »

Disgruntled Employee Cites Lack Of Guns As Only Thing Stopping Him Going On A Murder Spree

AN EMOTIONALLY unbalanced public sector worker has admitted that Ireland’s comparatively strict laws on gun ownership are the only thing keeping him from taking out his entire office in a hail of bullets before shooting himself in the head. Aidan Browne, who describes himself as a “disgruntled employee”, made the statement this morning to himself… Read more »

94% Of News Occurs In Dublin, Irish Media Confirms

AFTER receiving sustained criticism from much of the media consuming country, media outlets have hit back, defending the fact that they seem to only care about what happens in the capital. Despite many members of the public pointing out that much of the Dublin based media seem allergic to regularly covering events in rural cities,… Read more »

Mother Of Junior Cert Student Tells Everyone Except Son On Facebook How Proud She Is

A COUNTY Tipperary mother openly praised her son’s Junior Certificate results on Facebook today, without actually telling him herself. The 45-year-old single mother told her Facebook friends that she ‘couldn’t be happier’  with her son Anthony’s exam results. Martina Keane posted the lengthy, and slightly over-detailed status update at 10am this morning. “It was a tough… Read more »