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Local Boyfriend Definitely Won’t Cheat Again, Promise

ONE LOCAL WATERFORD boyfriend has vowed he will never cheat again after he was caught being unfaithful, copper fastening his ironclad half-apology by stating ‘I definitely won’t cheat again, promise’ WWN can reveal. Cormac Naffin, still current boyfriend to Ashling Mongan despite everything that has gone on, has confirmed now on at least 53 separate… Read more »

Government Confirm Intention To Use Brexit As Excuse For Everything

WITH PROGNOSES about the Irish economy post-Brexit being made by over 12,000 economists, some positive, some negative, the Irish government has confirmed it will be blaming all future policy decisions and shortcomings on Brexit regardless. Brexit will officially take over from the 2008 Banking Crisis as the go-to excuse for absolutely everything sometime after March… Read more »

Supermacs Launch ‘Big MacWhopper’ For The Fucking Craic

IRISH fast food restaurant chain Supermacs has today launched a brand new burger range called the ‘Big MacWhopper’, for no other reason but for the fucking craic, WWN can confirm. The Galway based chain, who specialise is premium Irish beef burgers, recently won a landmark trademark case against multinational rival McDonalds, who lost its Big Mac trademark… Read more »

WWN Catches Up With The No Side

THE TIME since the May 2018 referendum on the Repeal of the 8th Amendment took place has flown by for many Yes voters, who have happily accepted that life for women is now but a walk in the park. However, in the immediate aftermath of the vote the No side declared that they would not… Read more »