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Coveney Spotted Wearing Leather Jacket In Bid To Appear Cooler, Younger Than Varadkar

STRIKING a seemingly confident pose in between uncontrollable bouts of sobbing, Fine Gael leadership candidate Simon Coveney spent this morning modelling before a mirror in a leather jacket, reportedly in an attempt to appeal to the wider electorate and secure endorsements from party colleagues. Seeking to claw back some support in a bid to overhaul… Read more »

World’s First Sklep Gaeilge Opens In Waterford

A GROUNDBREAKING merger between a Sklep Polski and an Irish corner shop is promising to bring ‘something for everyone’ to consumers in Waterford, with the opening of the world’s first ‘Sklep Gaeilge’ in the city this week. The shop aims to sell equal amount of Irish produce and Eastern European fare, to satisfy the increasingly… Read more »