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Public Sector Unions Would Also Like A Pony

PAY restorations totalling €1.4 billion are just some of the outlandish demands coming from a union representing civil servants after nearly 10 years of cuts and pay freezes according to the government, with other requests including a pony, 30 more holidays during the year, free Netflix, and Andrex toilet roll in the jacks. The requests… Read more »

Railing Declared Perfect Place To Hang Bag Of Dog Shite

A NEW report has shed fresh light on the proper etiquette to follow when disposing of freshly scooped dog poop, clarifying that putting it in a little plastic bag and then hanging it off the nearest available railing is perfectly acceptable. Although poop-scooping has become more and more common among dog-walkers who recognise the need… Read more »

4 Disguises To Illegally Claim Welfare With

AS POINTED out by Minister Against Social Protection Leo Varadkar yesterday it is now easier than ever to illegally claim welfare, and with 100% of people definitely doing it, it might be high time you gave this welfare fraud thing a crack. WWN is on hand to provide you with the 5 best disguises to… Read more »

457 Visas: Will Your Friends In Australia Still Be Unbearable? We Answer Your Questions

WITH Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing an end to the 457 visa, many Irish people, including those planning to go to Australia as well as those currently in Australia expressed serious concerns. However, a greater number of people stuck with the perma-grey depressing Irish skyline felt the fresh sparks of hope that the news… Read more »