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Peregrine Falcon-Friendly Cafe Closes Amid Safety Concerns

WATERFORD’S first and only peregrine falcon-friendly cafe has closed its doors after less than a week, with the owners fleeing the country amid dozens of compensation claims from customers injured by a number of the beautiful but deadly birds of prey while enjoying their americanos and €9 panini sandwiches. Copying the business model of dog-friendly… Read more »

Waterford Whispers News Live Show

Waterford Whispers News is dedicated to bringing you, the public, all the essential news and having discovered injecting the news directly into your veins is illegal (thanks health and safety laws) we will instead deliver it to your eyes and ears in a live setting. Get news’d in the face at the following venues with… Read more »

Cadbury Unveil New Derry Milk Bar

IN a bid to combine potential customers’ love of chocolate and the county of Derry, chocolate confectionery behemoth Cadbury have announced the launch of a Derry Milk variety of bar. The announcement been met with delight by Derry natives and chocolate lovers in equal measure, with such enthusiasm for the new addition ensuring the demand… Read more »

Local Man Only Knows How To Talk At People

A LOCAL WATERFORD man has yet to learn to talk with people in a way that resembles the average conservation humans have, preferring instead to talk in the general direction of people’s faces while not listening to a word they say. Conor Telkins (25), friends and family confirm, simply volleys endless words and lengthy statements… Read more »

Amazing! These Young People Actually Go Out For Fun

ALTHOUGH the vast majority of people know better than to venture into town and city centres after dark on the weekend, studies have shown that a large number of mostly younger people actually enjoy what they refer to as ‘nights out’. With almost 100% of people aged 35 and over polled by WWN stating that they’d ‘rather… Read more »