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1916 Rising Was Inside Job, Claims Jim Corr

Oriel Park season ticket holder and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Jim Corr has claimed the Easter Rising of 1916 was a false flag operation cooked up by the British Government. “The story of the Easter Rising is riddled with inconsistencies and half-truths” corr’d Jim as he strummed the opening bars to Runaway on a sweet Stratocaster…. Read more »

Lack Of ‘Sexy’ Irish Words Hindering Erotic Novelist

Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan has come under intense criticism from the country’s leading Irish language erotic novelist, Niamh O’Moore. Miss O’Moore whose books have set the Irish speaking percentage of the populations’ hearts racing believes the minister needs to support the growing area of Irish literature known affectionately as ‘Clit Lit’…. Read more »

Feng Shui Makeover In City Centre Smack Den ‘A Big Hit’ With The Addicts

ANGELIC, enchanting and pulchritudinous were just some of the words used by user Martin ‘Nailers’ Johnson when he described the new €7.34 makeover. Nailers has revealed that he consulted with a well known Chinese feng shui expert before rearranging the ‘spent’ residence, tilting the scarface poster several degrees and setting up a ‘no smoke zone’… Read more »

Travellers Told To Adopt D4 Accent If They Want To Move In

A controversial site in the salubrious surroundings of Dublin’s Mount Merrion market for a number of families from the travelling communities is in the news again today. Proposals to house several traveller families in the upmarket area of Mount Merrion have been passed despite being met with vociferous opposition by local residents and councillors who… Read more »