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Underwater Divers Discover Long Lost City Of Athlone

DIVERS in county Westmeath claim to have discovered the long lost city of Athlone during a routine training exercise this morning. Located on the River Shannon near the southern shore of Lough Ree, divers Kieran Kennedy and Patrick Doyle said they found undeniable evidence that Athlone is now submerged under water, debunking previous claims that the great city is… Read more »

Splinter Farmer Group Declares Itself The “Real IFA”

A GROUP of dissident farmers calling itself the Real IFA has issued a statement in which it claims it will bring “order and stability to Irish farming”, by any means necessary. It is believed the group broke away from the Irish Farmers’ Association following controversy about the resignation of General Secretary Pat Smith, after revelations… Read more »

Super Trawler Nets Inishmore

RESIDENTS of the island of Inishmore have been urged to remain vigilant after the entire island has been dragged 3oo miles further out to sea after being caught in the net of the second biggest fishing trawler on the planet, the Margiris. Local fishermen were already furious at the presence of the trawler, which further… Read more »